My Favorite Quotes
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 Donna Lopiano - “If the proceeds are used to provide extraordinary benefits for a men's program that are not also provided for women, then that's going to be a problem with Title IX.”
 Donna Lopiano - “It wouldn't surprise me if we saw something next season. It is an Olympic year and some athletes have commitments to their national team, so that is something everybody is going to look at. But as a student of business plans, I feel good about the approach. Nobody is panicking. Nobody has got their head in the clouds or under ground.”
 Donna Lopiano - “The racialethnic sub-group to benefit the most from sports participation is Latina girls, ... There's no question that if we can solve the problem of parental support ... and create a more nurturing, motivating environment ... that we can make some great contributions to Hispanic girls in terms of their future health and well-being.”
 Donna Lopiano - “They're great athletes saying 'I want to test my mettle at the highest level and see if my short game can compete against the big hitters,' ... They're getting the attention because they're the underdogs, hitting the 4-iron when the guys are hitting the 8.”
 Donna Lopiano - “They're so much alike.”