My Favorite Quotes
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 Ruly Lora - “This really put a gun to everybody's head. Everybody had to react in time to the event.”
 John Flora - “We lost two beautiful people. We sure lost a good pair. It's a real tragedy.”
 John Flora - “We've kinda proved to everybody, and ourselves, that we can win on the conference road. We've still got to make sure we don't fall behind and that we win on the road.”
 Ruly Lora - “It's pretty cool for a little company from around here.”
 John Flora - “The leadership on this board has used up two years and held two votes at a considerable cost to the taxpayers. It is now time for them to step aside and allow the community to develop a plan to fix our school.”
 John Flora - “I think the board misread the community originally and went out with much too large a plan. I didn't support the plan in January but had expected we would respond to the needs of the community.”
 Ruly Lora - “The Super Bowl is the single largest advertising platform in the world.”