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 Mark Loretta - “If we win the division, I don't think anybody's going to care about our record,”
 Mark Loretta - “I guess that's the silver lining. The nice thing about our position is we don't have to watch the scoreboard. It's interesting, and we're gonna do it, but if we can take care of business and win, it's not going to matter.”
 Mark Loretta - “Those guys are probably the most potent 3-4 guys in all of baseball.”
 Mark Loretta - “It's been very exciting, with a little bit of mixed emotions at first. I've made my home in San Diego and feel pretty entrenched there. But from a baseball standpoint, I'm very excited to play here with this team that has this type of tradition and fan base.”
 Mark Loretta - “He's a solid player and all-around good guy. Baseball has gotten away from guys like that, and I would like to see it go back to that.”
 Mark Loretta - “It's about peaking at the right time. Who knows We've had five-game stretches as good as any team in baseball.”
 Mark Loretta - “They're a complete team with no real holes, and they don't beat themselves. There's a reason why they had the best record in baseball.”
 Mark Loretta - “That's baseball. They were able to capitalize on their good fortune. That's what good teams do.”
 Mark Loretta - “My strength has been consistency, playing the same way every day. If you don't, baseball can drive you nuts. You can make a fundamentally sound swing and get a negative return. Then, you can make a poor swing and get a positive return. It is a roller coaster that you can't ride.”
 Mark Loretta - “This has been a season where the NL West has been through a lot of adversity. Every team's had some severe injuries to big-name players. That's just the coincidence of the season, so it's nothing that you can change at this point.”

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