My Favorite Quotes
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 Jeff Losch - “They played all-around solid games all of them played roughly half the game and they did very well.”
 Jeff Losch - “We really needed to win all three games last week to have made the states. We lost a tough one to Nottingham and then we had the heartbreaker at Allentown.”
 Jeff Losch - “I told somebody that they played their A-plus game and we played our B-plus game. We heard before the game that they really didn't have any outside shooters, but they really hurt us with three-pointers in the late part of the game.”
 Jeff Losch - “It was really tough for us to get into our offense, to really get into any kind of rhythm. We were turning the ball over too much, and it's tough to get anything going when that happens. In a perfect world, the offense would run through Suzy.”
 Jeff Losch - “We possessed the ball a lot longer than Trenton did. We were very patient. I told the girls they could only take shots they were sure they could make. They were very patient and very careful with the ball.”
 Jeff Losch - “The team is very excited for the opportunity to avenge the loss.”
 Jeff Losch - “They outscored us 9-2 in the first quarter, but still switched from man-to-man to a zone because they were frustrated with what we were doing. That was a big sign of respect, for them to do that against us. We knew we made a couple of mental mistakes and that we could have been in the lead at halftime. Our confidence grew a great deal.”
 Jeff Losch - “We have made a concerted effort to make sure the kids remember to have fun. We practiced Christmas Eve morning between 9 and 11 a.m. and we had some of the coaches and ex players playing a little. We want to get them back into the mode of having fun. Nobody has their heads down.”
 Jeff Losch - “Logistically, it keeps us in the chase to make states and win the Patriot Division. Emotionally and for our confidence, this proves we can play with everyone and beat anyone. There's no one left on our schedule that's better than Trenton. Even three or four years from now, we can bring this game up and hold it up as something you can do if you execute properly.”