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 J.P. Losman - “People talk about movie stars and athletes like they know them just because they met them or shook their hand,”
 J.P. Losman - “In the back of my head, I'm always going to be thinking about the real thing.”
 J.P. Losman - “It's not a gambling style, it's just an aggressive style. It's sometimes I've got to stick this throw in there. Most of the time it works, but sometimes it doesn't.”
 J.P. Losman - “Guys are responding to the leadership role in the quarterback position. I've been ready for a long time. About as ready as I'm going to get. However ready that is, we're going to find out.”
 J.P. Losman - “We have to get our minds set that we're not a team that's going to over time progressively get better, ... We need to get better fast and stay better fast.”
 J.P. Losman - “This was special, as far as my first time goes, playing against my favorite player ever in Brett Favre, ... I had the jitters just watching him. You're in awe being in Lambeau Field, and you know you have to put it all together. But I still came out and was successful.”
 J.P. Losman - “There was an urgency tonight to get the offense rolling. We knew we were playing a good defense, it was a good test for our line. The line held up great. I had all the time to throw, but there was just a little hesitation on my part.”
 J.P. Losman - “The little bit of time I had to refresh was refreshing. It gave me a lot of time to think about what I want to do, where I want to go, how hard I want to compete.”
 J.P. Losman - “I haven't had a difficult time finding him. I see that he's open, and usually we're connecting. Last game, I was a little inaccurate on the times that he was open. It wasn't any kind of miscommunication. It was just a bad throw.”
 J.P. Losman - “I haven't had a difficult time finding him, ... I see that he's open, and usually we're connecting. Last game, I was a little inaccurate on the times that he was open. It wasn't any kind of miscommunication. It was just a bad throw.”
 J.P. Losman - “We've talked about that many times, about Joe Montana and Boomer Esiason and how those guys started out, ... But I don't want to use that as an excuse, how every quarterback goes through growing pains and all that.”
 J.P. Losman - “The coaches haven't made me feel that I just have to hand off the ball and be smart. You have to take your chances. You have to be aggressive. You have receivers in Eric Moulds and Lee Evans. You have to trust it.”
 J.P. Losman - “If you had to replace a guy like that, you have to respect what he's done and understand that when you go into that situation ... for the rest of his life, he's always going to be remembered in that stadium. You have to respect the history and the legacy he left there. You have to respect that. You can't overdo it. That's the way you have to play it.”
 J.P. Losman - “After he's hurt and he's upset, you can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice, ... He just believes in this team so much.”
 J.P. Losman - “This is not a straight road. It's up and down. And I have to somehow level it out and realize that I have a long career here, a lot of years left, a lot of games left.”
 J.P. Losman - “It took a while to get started. I don't think it was nerves or anything like that. I just think the ball was coming out funny. I had a couple of tough catches there that the receivers possibly could have made but I could have definitely made it a lot easier. It just took a little while to get warmed up.”
 J.P. Losman - “I was up all night, all week and the week before, ... And even this morning, I was just telling myself 'play the game you know how to play. Don't hesitate.'”
 J.P. Losman - “That was probably one of the worst passes I have ever thrown in my life. The guy was wide open, and I just didn't want to miss it. And in this league you can't do it because everyone has catch-up speed.”
 J.P. Losman - “I think it'd be awesome. I think learning behind Brett Favre -- I'd try to make him stay as long as possible. I'd try to make him stay an extra year, teach me as much as possible. Just learning the ropes. I think that would be an amazing experience for me. I like watching him play.”
 J.P. Losman - “Of course it's frustrating. (Tampa Bay) played Cover 2 most of the game and we tried to get the running game going and we couldn't. Even with all that, there were opportunities to make some plays. I missed a couple throws and that's unacceptable in the NFL.”
 J.P. Losman - “He said that I looked good and he wished me luck.”
 J.P. Losman - “I'm fine with it, ... That's his decision. Us as players, we're no medical examiners ourselves. So we don't know the technicality or the extent of our injuries more than they do. So we might as well have the doctors talk about it as opposed to a bunch of players who truly don't know what is wrong. That's just the way we're doing things around here and that's just the way it's going to be.”
 J.P. Losman - “This is a decision the coach made to give us a spark and it worked today.”
 J.P. Losman - “Mentally, I think there's a lot of things I learned. I've got to get back to work, get ready to go. Coach called it a competition and let's start competing.”
 J.P. Losman - “When I grew up, we didn't have much money, ... When I was in college, I was a starving student. Now I can afford anything - and everything's free.”

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