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 Gordon Auchincloss - “He has a billionaire's spending habit, but a millionaire's budget.”
 Ilana Kloss - “We have listened to our fans, owners and players and made some significant scheduling changes for the 2006 WTT season. By moving the WTT Finals to immediately after the conclusion of the regular season we keep the momentum moving forward for the teams, improve the overall scheduling for the players and keep our fans happy by not having a major gap between the end of the season and the championship weekend.”
 Harold Bindloss - “The western sky was clear and flushed with vivid crimson, towards which the prairie rolled away in varying tones of blue.”
 Michael Beschloss - “Then you get to the last half of the 20th century, Americans are getting very skeptical about their leaders and their institutions, and another place that is affected is parties and conventions.”
 Michael Beschloss - “The Founding Fathers would be sorry to see that America had become so divided and factionalized.”
 Michael Beschloss - “So the result was that in many cases the conventions really did represent the underlying electoral topography of the United States.”
 Louis Auchincloss - “We were not as rich as the Rockefellers or Mellons, but we were rich enough to know how rich they were.”
 Jeffrey Schloss - “I think evolutionary theory is compatible with faith,”
 Jeffrey Schloss - “I thought the issue was so polarized, I just didn't want to get caught,”
 Michael Beschloss - “So if 1960 had occurred under the old convention system, Kennedy would have had a very hard time getting the Democratic nomination because he would have been rejected by all those people who had worked with him in Washington.”
 Michael Beschloss - “If James Madison were here today, Senator Byrd is exactly the kind of leader that he hoped the American Republic in the future would bring to power someone of his stature and his learning and his understanding of history and philosophy. I think he would be very pleased.”
 Jeffrey Schloss - “I'm sad to see that in my own (religious) tradition. I do understand what they're responding to. There are aggressive unbelievers. There are scientists who firmly believe that you can't be a scientist and you can't do science if you are a religious person.”
 Michael Beschloss - “This a person who can change the life of all of us, really, in the snap of a finger, by writing one word. And it's something that Americans are not as aware of because we don't hear that much about these people. We don't see them interact.”
 Michael Beschloss - “You have had presidential candidates over the last 30 years who would have had a very hard time getting nominated under the old system. One example is John Kennedy.”
 David Ploss - “I don't sense he's made any enemies. By and large, he's well-liked. People are glad that the problems are getting fixed.”
 Ilana Kloss - “He's definitely someone that we wanted. We're just thrilled that Pete's going to be back out there and fans will get an opportunity to see him again.”
 Ilana Kloss - “He's definitely someone that we wanted. We're just thrilled that Pete's going to be back out there, and fans will get an opportunity to see him again.”
 Michael Beschloss - “People didn't stop to notice the dog that didn't bark. The dog that didn't bark was something we had feared for a half century -- that even if we won World War II, as we did, it would only be a matter of time before Germany was led by another Hitler ... That didn't happen. And it turns out that much of the reason was what Roosevelt and Truman secretly did during the war.”
 Gordon Auchincloss - “He is looking at liabilities in the nature of 400 million.”
 Jeffrey Schloss - “Is there a way we can formalize (that understanding) and make it scientifically rigorous rather than intuitive ... I think that's a fully legitimate question.”
 Michael Beschloss - “...He might well have gone into politics, ... He felt he had the luxury of time.”
 Ilana Kloss - “The good news is he is doing much better. She does send her love and best wishes.”
 Ira Loss - “There is a desperation factor involved. Prospects are pretty good they won't win the lawsuit.”
 Michael Beschloss - “In retrospect, I emotionally understand where Morgenthau is coming from, and I admire him for it. At the same time, Morgenthau's plan was too vindictive. In retrospect, if it had been instituted ... it would have left a vacuum for the Soviets.”
 Michael Beschloss - “So the result was that as one approached a political convention for most of the 19th century and for most of the 20th century until the 1960's, part of the drama was the fact that you didn't know ultimately who was going to be the nominee at the end of that convention week.”

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