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 Bob Lotane - “It's just a much larger group of policies and the market has obviously seen much more distress since then. It's going to be more difficult if not impossible to place all these policies. The majority we're expecting to end up in Citizens.”
 Bob Lotane - “It has caused us some concern.”
 Bob Lotane - “We met in our continuing meetings with Poe, it was a productive meeting and company officials have agreed to work out the claims that they still have and about which we have received calls.”
 Bob Lotane - “It varies by company. It has to be in the policy. But some companies refuse to insure property if certain dogs are there.”
 Bob Lotane - “Just requiring the mediation tends to get the insurance company a little bit motivated, or more motivated, and jump-starts the process.”
 Bob Lotane - “We are also encouraged because they are continuing to resolve open claims in less than 60 days. We do not like to see the total number go up, so we are going to continue to aggressively monitor their performance, work with them to make sure claims are resolved and that they get these people taken care of.”