My Favorite Quotes
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 Ehab Lotayef - “The most important thing in my mind is to add one more voice clearly that will be heard in Iraq on the ground there. We don't know how much the statements issued here reach the ground there.”
 Ehab Lotayef - “The most important thing in my mind is to make it clear to the people on the ground there that we as Canadian Muslims and as a Canadian society really believe that the CPT workers are working for justice and goodwill. I can attest to their goodwill and intentions.”
 Ehab Lotayef - “We hope that they would be released as soon as possible because Christmas is approaching and I hope that they will be with their families by then. We hope that this regrettable story will have a happy end.”
 Ehab Lotayef - “I am here in Baghdad as a representative of the Canadian Islamic Congress and other Muslim organizations all across Canada.”