My Favorite Quotes
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 Stephen Lotief - “The option is our bread and butter. If they take away the option, we'll just give it to the fullback.”
 Michael Lotief - “This lineup continues to put pressure on pitchers. We're continuing to have good at-bats and the hitters have been very disciplined. They don't go after anything off the plate.”
 Stefni Lotief - “When you play good teams, the whole thing is to go out and compete. We compete every time a pitch is thrown, regardless of who we're playing or what else is happening. A lot of that comes from the leadership that our seniors have given us.”
 Michael Lotief - “It may have hit her in the wrong place. We'll just have to wait and see.”
 Michael Lotief - “They've really been overlooked, because of our offense.”
 Michael Lotief - “She's just been locked in all year. If you make a mistake upstairs to her, it's a home run.”
 Stefni Lotief - “The thing I love about this team is that they always go out there with an objective. And they can make adjustments. That's what happens when you work as hard as they do.”
 Stefni Lotief - “It creates a great atmosphere. It's early in the season, and this tournament gives you a chance to see and know where you are since it's a lot of the best teams in the country. You can learn a lot about your team from that.”
 Michael Lotief - “I watched her have a great series at Arizona (four hits) swinging away, against some of the best pitchers in the country. Last week, she had three hits in one game against Troy by slapping.”
 Michael Lotief - “There was a lot of concern about who was going to pitch this year, what are we going to do, sort of a woe is us. Everybody was worried, and she got up on the bus and told everybody that it was a challenge to all of us. We were going to have to hit better, field better, play harder, pick our game up and play on a higher level.”
 Stefni Lotief - “It's a challenge, but this team doesn't back down from challenges. It's a great college atmosphere. It's a tough place to play, but that's part of what we teach early in the season. The reason we went to Fullerton was to put ourselves in that kind of situation.”