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 Carlo Ancelotti - “We have to keep going on the way we have over the next games. We have to be ready for the crucial moment in the season.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “It was an important win for us. We have extended our lead over Inter and need to keep that in the coming games.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “Over the span of two games I don't think Milan was inferior to Barcelona. I'm disappointed, obviously, but I don't have any reason to be upset with my players.”
 Mike Bellotti - “He doesn't go down, he doesn't give up. He doesn't believe anybody can tackle him. ... You've got to gang-tackle him and you've got to hang on.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “It was a very balanced match. Milan played well and produced some good scoring chances that unfortunately we did not turn into goals.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “The cold conditions were not good.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “We played a good match. We had six minutes of craziness. It was something which can't be explained. It's not the moment of regrets. We are sorry, embittered, but this is soccer.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “There's still hope for the league position. We must train and search for ways to improve our performance.”
 Mike Bellotti - “The main emphasis point will be to evaluate newcomers and the second-line guys that we're looking to go in if somebody gets hurt.”
 Mike Bellotti - “He's a prankster, a practical joker to the max. ... He created a lot of funny stuff, stuff we still laugh about.”
 Matthew Lotti - “I find it hard living in a day and age where people are unwilling to accept who they really are.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “I've signed up until 2008 and I am happy. I preferred to stay here. There was a temptation from Real Madrid but I am staying here.”
 Mike Bellotti - “I thought last week (at Houston) we should have played everybody that was there, but the situation wasn't quite right or they weren't quite ready.”
 Mike Bellotti - “Dennis has been the starter the entire time, and he is the starter. We have just tended to play our backup more than other people are maybe comfortable with doing. I don't know that that's going to change.”
 Mike Bellotti - “I think that we've probably, more than any other time than I've been here, addressed specific position needs.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “It's the first time in a while that I have my complete squad to choose from, that's already a positive sign.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “We're stronger at the back and opponents are having a hard time scoring goals against us. Scoring goals is not our problem. We've always done that.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “We are going through a delicate time and we must overcome this situation as soon as possible. We are making mistakes and as usual in football you pay for them.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “This match comes at the perfect time. We're playing at home and the team is charged and confident. We shouldn't have any fears.”
 Mike Bellotti - “A couple of times he's made runs that brought our entire team to its feet.”
 Claudia Vercellotti - “It's devastating because of how kids were sold out today.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “It was a good Milan. We played well after being only partially convincing in previous games. We wasted a lot of chances and one has to say that Pagliuca was really good today.”
 Mike Bellotti - “I didn't quite understand the Notre Dame deal. But obviously I have not been a student of the BCS.”
 Michelle Bussolotti - “Domestic violence is America's hidden war. And the battleground is in all our homes.”
 Mike Bellotti - “Last year I changed our vision of what we were going to recruit in preparation of what I knew we were going to do. That's why we didn't take a quarterback last year. The guys that we could have taken would have have fit into this mobility scheme that we have. And these guys, they fit that.”

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