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 Richard Bilotti - “There is a strong perception that by not having exposure to the Internet, those prospects are vastly lower than they used to be.”
 Mike Bellotti - “A lot of draft-day geniuses erupted.”
 Claudia Vercellotti - “Every time the door opened we could see them in there, but we had no access.”
 Mike Bellotti - “When you have three weeks to prepare, you draw some things up in the dirt. Unfortunately, in the end, they were just better than we were.”
 Mike Bellotti - “He has that inner strength, a reservoir of determination inside. He has very strong faith and sees it as just another trial he has to face.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “We didn't deserve this defeat. I think we have played at the same level as Barcelona. We've had good opportunities to score but we've missed them.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “The defeat at Lecce left me disappointed as we lost an important opportunity in the league but this game will be a different story.”
 Mike Bellotti - “We're down to barely a two deep.”
 Mike Bellotti - “But I do think overall they are probably more creative in finding ways to win and supporting each other -- offense, defense and special teams. It's a balanced football team because we can look a lot of places for people who will win this game.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “We suffered a lot in the first 25 minutes. Then we gradually took control of play. It was a match we could have won, and also lost. The penalty was not sensational, but the arm and the hand of Bayern defender should not have been there.”
 Mike Bellotti - “The one thing they could tell me they could hang their hat on was, they had never fired a coach. They had always let him finish out his contract. It's very interesting that the next coach they hired, they didn't allow that to happen.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “I would say it's impossible because I have a contract with Milan which I'm trying to respect.”
 Richard Bilotti - “The current market prices indicate that investors believe that cash flows will be reinvested in a suboptimal manner. We continue to favor content over distribution, given the greater likelihood of restructurings and large returns of capital to shareholders.”
 Matthew Lotti - “Contempt for the world is what allows me to continue living in it.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “We are in impressive form, we play with enthusiasm. Self confidence helped my players to overcome a difficult start.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “Surprising results are possible. Concentration is a decisive factor.”
 Mike Bellotti - “We do physical exercises where he can gauge a little bit their physical toughness and their leadership and their commitment to it, but (now) he gets to coach real football. That's what's exciting.”
 Richard Bilotti - “Except for improved color printing capacity, the changes should be invisible to readers and advertisers. The Times will continue to publish just as it does now, and the paper will be strengthened by the back-office efficiencies that are contemplated.”
 Mike Bellotti - “They're arguably one of the best offensive lines, not just in the nation, but in the history of college football.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “There was a temptation with regard to Real Madrid, but when a club like Milan propose a contract extension you cannot refuse.”
 Mike Bellotti - “It's nice to climb back in this Pac-10 race.”
 Mike Bellotti - “People were viewing him as the savior, as the guy who's going to take care of everybody. I felt the pressure as his coach. Everyone is counting on him.”
 Mike Bellotti - “Oregon State played well. We played poorly. I felt we were capable of more.”
 Vincent Arlotti - “They beat you down and beat you up ... to see if you can handle all the stuff you're going to encounter. It's like boot camp, only worse.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “We can say we have the cake and now we're just missing the cherry on top. We're closer (to the final) than PSV, but we'll have to prepare very well for the return leg, seeing how tough they were.”

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