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 Carlo Ancelotti - “I must say I was more calm on 2-1. We suffered a lot, but we strongly wanted to qualify and we did it by beating a brave opponent.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “It was a victory born more out of strength than quality, which is rare for us.”
 Richard Bilotti - “For book purposes you spread it over many years, but for tax purposes, you can get it in the first year. So you can get a big tax benefit and it boosts earnings.”
 Michelle Bussolotti - “We hope we can teach what healthy relationships are about. Parents can definitely benefit from this.”
 Mike Bellotti - “That's a practice order. We begin spring and fall practice based on last year. Every day and every week they will be evaluated, and that practice order might change.”
 Matthew Lotti - “In life there are no winners, only assholes with Swiss Bank Accounts.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “Barcelona played well. But the match was always in the balance.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “We expected a match like that, when the game was in the balance it was clear we would have to suffer, it reflected the importance of the result.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “Our worries are not limited to preventing Barcelona from scoring, I think attitude is the most important thing in this game. I think that who will have the will to impose its game will win, regardless of whether or not Barcelona scores.”
 Mike Bellotti - “What they did in the second half was run more laterally, created some gaps. And some of their biggest plays came when we stuffed it inside at the point of attack and then they reversed it. We didn't quite stay alive as much as we talked about.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “With the talent we have in attack, we always believe we have a chance. I agree we didn't play a great game, but we had a small advantage playing at home and I think that helped.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “We have the kind of quality in our attack that can pull something out for us even when things aren't going so well.”
 Mike Bellotti - “He's just a fairly natural athlete. I'm actually the most pleased with his hands. He's got a lot to learn on the route running, but he has some natural ability that way. I'm excited.”

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