My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Loucks - “Either consumers are going to have to call airlines directly for fare information and be left to fend for themselves or else they will probably pay more through a travel agent in the way of a service charge.”
 Steve Loucks - “There are more ships floating around the Caribbean than any other place in the world.”
 Steve Loucks - “We expect that as the capacity for the airlines and hotels comes on line that there will be a mad rush, so it's very important that if you haven't already begun to plan your trip for the millennium, over the course of the next month, it's absolutely imperative that you do so.”
 Steve Loucks - “The other thing we're doing is making sure the customers pay with credit cards so they can get their money back more easily if the tickets can't be used.”
 Steve Loucks - “Because there was trouble in getting the first card to go through, the credit card company showed multiple attempts for authorization. However, just one charge went through for 29.95.”
 Steve Loucks - “Our agencies are booking away whenever possible. In instances when they don't have a choice, they're booking on the airline through US Airways Vacations, which is a tour brand not owned by US Air.”
 Steve Loucks - “Agents book travel for customers up to 11 months in advance.”