My Favorite Quotes
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 Ed Louder - “That's what good teams do they take advantage of your mistakes.”
 Ed Louder - “We knew (Carrier and Farley) were good players. We were hoping to work them into the rotation. Instead they got thrown in, but they stepped up and played really, really well.”
 Keith Louder - “There were times I thought we were going to freeze, but otherwise it was a good start for us.”
 Ed Louder - “We didn't move off the ball as well as I would want us to today.”
 Ed Louder - “We were only disappointed because the kids worked really hard and didn't come away with a win to show for it. But I heard the kids say that they had never been so satisfied in a loss. We could've been blown out, but we came out and went toe-to-toe with them for 95 plus minutes.”
 Ed Louder - “Give them credit. They are the best passing team we've played all year. And their pressure was good we kind of fell into their game plan.”
 Ed Louder - “After that we made a commitment that we would be in every game we played.”
 Keith Louder - “It's been a rough week for us, but our guys battled through adversity and came back again, like they have all year.”