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 Charly McLoughlin - “We played two big games in a row. They want to stay on this roll. Undefeated in our league, -- that's a hell of a thing right now.”
 Rob O'Loughlin - “I don't have delusions of grandeur. We're not going to take the six-hour round to four hours just because they have Laser Link. Our goal is simply to get everyone around the course a little faster. Then you've helped the game.”
 Charly McLoughlin - “Their week was completely nuts. You could have teams going, 'I don't know what the hell to do now.' These guys pulled together. It was just awe-inspiring. I'm in awe of what they did.”
 Charly McLoughlin - “If there are two better return men, I hope we never see them.”
 Lori Loughlin - “It's true, I came up with the idea for SUMMERLAND, but it was a total fluke. Nobody was more shocked or amazed that the show is actually going to be made, than I was.”
 Lori Loughlin - “Playing a fashion designer could be the bane of my existence because I am married to a fashion designer.”
 Lori Loughlin - “When you are developing a character you have to bring so much of yourself to the role.”
 Lori Loughlin - “It's funny, my girlfriends think that because I am married to a fashion designer, I get all these great tips and hints about great fashion, but it's not like that at all. He never tells me what to wear.”
 Charly McLoughlin - “Each of the (Brattleboro) players, particularly the seniors who have played a long time, I think they feel particularly bad for this kid. Every player that puts on the pads knows it could happen to them. ... The fragility of athletes' careers is highlighted when something like this happens.”
 Tom McLoughlin - “Doing our job well can lead to pricing power over time. But our job right now is to bring consumers back to the brand and drive value back into this brand.”
 Charly McLoughlin - “This was as good a performance as I've seen in awhile. These guys were awesome. I could have called any play on my sheet today. The blocking was crisp, the running was outstanding, the effort was awesome.”
 Charly McLoughlin - “We have a very experienced team back, not so much if you look at starters, but we have back a large number of kids who played.”
 Rob O'Loughlin - “It's wonderful news for us. First and foremost we are applauding the efforts of the USGA and the RA. They studied this for the last three years and came to the conclusion that these things can legitimately speed up play.”
 Rob O'Loughlin - “Absolutely. How do you eat an elephant One bite at a time. This is a big problem but if I can take 20 minutes off even a six-hour round I think they should build a monument to us.”
 Lori Loughlin - “You have to make difficult choices in your life, and you just have to be happy with them.”
 Charly McLoughlin - “I don't think we get much respect, quite frankly. Rutland has a reputation, and there's a lot of focus on Northern teams, but that's not really an issue. These kids play better when they feel like they're underdogs. I do think there's a lack of respect for what's going on in our neck of the woods, and I think (my players) like that. I think it motivates them.”
 Tom McLoughlin - “We think we've got a nice straddle brand and we think we can source volume from multiple places.”
 Charly McLoughlin - “I've never seen this happen. It is the kind of thing we talk about constantly in practice, but I've never seen it happen. ... It constantly reminds me that, as much as I treat (football) like a life-and-death thing, that it's not. The health of an individual is far more important than whether we win a football game or not.”
 Rob O'Loughlin - “They finally agreed with me and the reason is that we demonstrated all across this country that Laser Link increased the speed of play. You get two guys who know what they're doing, five-hour golf isn't necessary. The RA recognized the value of speed of play.”
 Charly McLoughlin - “I think these kids got it now. I think they have really gotten the concept on defense the offense has been good, but not consistent all year long, and I think they got it this week. It's what happens with kids, and it's what happens with good teams that practice hard. Sooner or later, they absorb what you're trying to teach them, and instead of doing what you tell them, they do what they know how to do.”
 Lori Loughlin - “Surfing is not my strong point. And... I don't really have a tan. I go to the tanning place, the one that sprays you with color.”
 Charly McLoughlin - “Their focus has been very clear. ... Getting as close as we did to the championship and then not finishing the deal.”
 Coleen Mcloughlin - “My body shape has changed dramatically. My thighs are much more toned - they don't wobble when I walk - and my waist is smaller.”
 Lori Loughlin - “When you don't work for a while, immediately you get a little black mark next to your name.”
 Tom McLoughlin - “It strikes a cord of authenticity. That's our belief on how to grow a heritage brand. We believe the ad carves out an emotional territory that invites them into the brand.”

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