My Favorite Quotes
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 Jim Loughran - “We had chances to stop all three of those goals. The ball was bouncing around in there, and we just didn't get to it fast enough.”
 Jim Loughran - “We're going to stay with the same thing and try to improve what we have.”
 Jim Loughran - “They're a tough, good team, well-coached and fundamental. That Kelly Labor is just a sensational player.”
 Kerry Loughran - “Its really awesome. It shows how good our program is. It means a lot this year, especially because its my senior year and nobody thought we could do it.”
 Jim Loughran - “The 'D,' I thought did a good job rotating back and marking better, covering better. We really hung in there in the first half, then they scored that first goal and we did the whole head drop thing.”
 Jim Loughran - “I've seen some bad stuff in my 25 years. The second half was some of the worst I've seen.”
 Kerry Loughran - “Each of the three titles has been special in its own way. This year's title was special because we had a rough start and many people did not believe we could win. We bonded as a team and worked together to achieve our goal.”
 Kerry Loughran - “We knew they were on a roll and this is like their Cinderella season. We knew theyd be up for the game and we knew there was a possibility it would be close. We just had to play our game and thats we did.”
 Kerry Loughran - “They showed a lot of heart. They stuck some huge threes the second half. I give a lot of credit to them. They showed a lot of character coming back.”
 Kerry Loughran - “That was key for us. We knew it was do or die for us today. If you lose, you go home. We knew we had to answer every one of their runs. We were trading baskets. We knew we had to stop them in order to go up.”
 Kerry Loughran - “It would mean everything if we can get that far. We know we have to take one game at a time and not look ahead. Every game from here will be extremely tough.”