My Favorite Quotes
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 Gilman Louie - “We've had cameras. But their biggest weakness is being proactive. 'Hey, this guy's been here before, stop him.' And that's because we've had to be 100 percent reliant on the operators. You can't expect a guard to remember a face months after the fact. But put a little intelligence into the recording box, and it can remember for months at a time.”
 Gilman Louie - “Ember is the market leader with a mature platform that has been successfully deployed in a variety of applications around the world, ... We believe their technology has great potential to improve the security and efficiency of government and defense operations.”
 Gilman Louie - “SkyBuilt Power provides innovative energy solutions with the potential to help meet a wide variety of critical government and commercial power needs, ... In-Q-Tel's portfolio is made up of innovative and critically important commercial technologies that can address the most difficult technology challenges faced by both commercial enterprises and the national security community. SkyBuilt Power's proprietary technology offers great promise for leading edge applications for customers in the government and private sector.”
 Gilman Louie - “Without that authority, it becomes very difficult to solve this problem. If we need consensus, it may take too long.”
 Gilman Louie - “In-Q-Tel invested in IDELIX because it offers government and commercial users a new capability to radically enhance critical decision making, ... Through its ability to inspect and edit detail while maintaining the overall context of large digital images or maps, PDT will enhance the way government views and edits information.”