My Favorite Quotes
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 Louis Malle - “You must find the note, the correct key, for your story. If you find it, everything will work. If you do not, everything will stick out like elbows.”
 Louis Malle - “When you are working on a script, the story itself is not difficult. You say this would happen and then this, resulting perhaps in this. And the dialogue you make as true as you can.”
 Louis Malle - “Well, Fellini... there is always Fellini.”
 Louis Malle - “Suddenly this idea came to me for a film about incest. It was almost a daydream. I wrote out 60 or 70 pages in a few days. I showed them to friends, got a warm reaction, decided to make the film.”
 Louis Malle - “I didn't feel like going any further in this scene with the boy. He was not a professional actor, and if I had pushed the scene any further it would have destroyed the tone of the movie.”
 Louis Malle - “I think predictability has become the rule and I'm completely the opposite -- I like spectators to be disturbed.”
 Louis Malle - “The Oedipus complex is like a joke. It takes years to discover that there is a dream ideal, an initiating mother, in our subconscious.”
 Louis Malle - “Just because the movie is about incest does not make it autobiographical. Yes, I have a mother, but that does not make me unique.”