My Favorite Quotes
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 Mary Louise - “She's a beautiful girl. The visit did more good for me than it did for her, I'm sure, just to see her smile.”
 Tina Louise - “Bob is TV history. He will be missed by so many friends for his life and talent. The fun, the laughter and joy will continue forever.”
 Marie Louise - “Could we see when and where we are to meet again, we would be more tender when we bid our friends goodbye.”
 Tina Louise - “I don't think I was ravishing, but I think I was pretty.”
 Tina Louise - “It's entirely my name. To me it means joy. Nobody in any family can be hurt if anything happens to this name because it's my name only.”
 Tina Louise - “All these things they've been saying are a pack of lies.”
 Tina Louise - “It's a surer way to a woman's heart to be interested in what she's thinking than what she's wearing or not wearing.”
 Marie Louise - “To vice, innocence must always seem only a superior kind of chicanery”
 Mary Louise - “Years later, the soldiers came again, telling the people to take only what they could carry, and made them cross the Missouri River. We went to Standing Rock Reservation, and made the best of it, ... We moved 30 miles away from the soldier fort because it was a place of sickness.”
 Mary Louise - “The spirits moved inside the cottonwood branches to listen to the words coming from the villages. See now, ... Look at the end of the broken off branch. If you see a star in the center, then this is a good place, where people speak kindly of one another.”
 Tina Louise - “I don't think any child could really be happy between five and eight away from their parents.”
 Marie Louise - “A cruel story runs on wheels, and every hand oils the wheels as they run”
 Marie Louise - “An easy-going husband is the one indispensable comfort of life”
 Marie Louise - “Christianity has made of death a terror which was unknown to the gay calmness of the Pagan”
 Tina Louise - “Mental communication without verbalization... all space is made up of waves and we are constantly sending and receiving messages from our brain.”
 Tina Louise - “I concentrate on exercises from the waist down, since that is the laziest part of a woman's body.”
 Marie Louise - “I am convinced that our movement will be more demoralized and weakened by blind and uncritical admiration than by frank admission of past mistakes.”
 Marie Louise - “Familiarity is a magician that is cruel to beauty but kind to ugliness”
 Marie Louise - “If all feeling for grace and beauty were not extinguished in the mass of mankind at the actual moment, such a method of locomotion as cycling could never have found acceptance no man or woman with the slightest aesthetic sense could assume the ludic”
 Louise - “I am a Queen, but I have not the power to move my arms.”