My Favorite Quotes
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 Vicki Loveridge - “We're trying to get some variety and take-out products that are not doing well. We really didn't know the current relative acceptability of the menu items except for some of the components used in other rations.”
 Vicki Loveridge - “There's a misconception that you need extra water for dehydrated rations. You need a given amount of water per day depending on activity and temperature. Whether some of that comes in the food or is consumed separately, the water requirement is the same.”
 Vicki Loveridge - “Anyone with a short-term, high-intensity mission where weight is critical or anyone who has a cold weather mission can order these for their use.”
 Wanda Loveridge - “PREDICTION If I chose Not to bear this child That in me grows, Giving in To the well-respected And learned Philosophies of men, There would be No crash of thunder At my decision No lightning burst Or loud, condemning voice From heaven, Only bitter knowledge Forever after And the quiet, pleased sound Of Satans laughter.”