My Favorite Quotes
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 Bill Lovette - “We thank our Team Members for their hard work and support of these plants. We'll do our best to help them as they seek other employment at another Tyson location or with other employers in the area.”
 Bill Lovette - “Closing the Independence and Oelwein plants is a tough decision because it affects the lives of nearly 400 team members and their families, as well as two great plant communities. However, given the age of these plants and capital improvements needed to supply our future product mix and customer needs, it's economically unfeasible to keep them open.”
 Bill Lovette - “We're making this investment to help meet continued, strong demand for refrigerated and pre-cooked bacon. The project is another example of the technology and food safety improvements we've initiated to position our processed meats business for future growth. For example, we've invested almost 15 million in our deli meats plant in Buffalo, N.Y., over the past two years.”