My Favorite Quotes
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 Frank Lowy - “Maybe next time it can be an Australian but this is a global game. It's not about nationality, it's about talent and finding somebody with the right experience.”
 Frank Lowy - “We are making sure the game will exist, and that people will be able to watch the game because money has come into the game.”
 Peter Lowy - “The acquisition creates new opportunities to further reinvest in and improve our portfolio, enabling over US2 billion of new redevelopments to be initiated in the next four years.”
 Frank Lowy - “I think exactly the opposite.”
 Peter Lowy - “We've been able to create a self-sustaining real estate model, with development and redevelopment as the engine giving us earnings growth.”
 Frank Lowy - “The full-strength squad we are taking to Germany will play against Greece. Greece are a formidable opposition and will provide the ideal start for Australia's World Cup assault.”
 Gabriel Lowy - “In our view it's going to be a real stretch for them to achieve that type of gross margin in a revenue environment we think is at best in a muted recovery. Right now, they are getting the flow-through benefits of restructuring and cost-cutting, but at some point it's going to be a case of diminishing returns without volume growth which turns into revenue.”
 Gabriel Lowy - “I expect more companies to pick off private players, start-ups that don't have the funding to make it to next level. You're not going to see large public company transactions anymore. History has proven that they don't work since they are too difficult and time consuming.”
 Frank Lowy - “Asia is the future. For sports and for business.”
 Gabriel Lowy - “The first focus is going to be continuing the growth of the business ... focus number two is getting the cost structure aligned with the new demand. I imagine we're going to see another round of downsizing ... I think it's going to be significant.”
 Frank Lowy - “We currently don't have the right man for the job in Australia.”
 Walter H. Lowy - “Your market has a free choice, and only by supplying what the market wants, and not by your efforts to impose your merchandise, will you get your maximum share of the markets potential.”