My Favorite Quotes
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 Lawyer Milloy - “So our focus was to go out there and play our best ball and give this guy as many opportunities as possible to get it right.”
 Bob Loy - “We're never going to give up.”
 Bob Loy - “The idea is to stop this problem before it gets out of hand like it has on the Mainland.”
 John Malloy - “Cash incentives for increasing volume is absolutely a bad idea. Do you want the pacemaker made by the guy who made it the fastest or the one who made it the best”
 Chuck Mulloy - “We never stopped shipping them products during this dispute, ... We stopped shipping them confidential advance product information that was under non-disclosure.”
 Chuck Mulloy - “If someone is suing you over intellectual property and you continue to provide that party with information about products you have under development, then you essentially increase your risk.”
 James Loy - “The reason for the Department of Homeland Security was counter-terrorism. Everybody was focused on how do we handle the aftermath of a 9-11”
 Phil Loy - “I'm speechless. I really thought we were ready to come out and play this game. If anything, I would have told you before the game that it would have been us who came out and put them in a hole.”
 Phil Loy - “I thought Tyler played his best game of the year tonight. Accurate passing, good ball movement, and effective penetration. You name it.”
 Phil Loy - “In the second half we spread it a bit. I thought my guards could take them. But maybe (instead of going to the basket), it's just two hard dribbles and pull up.”
 James Loy - “The notion that we should not have our ports operated by foreign companies is ludicrous, and indicates someone is not understanding how the global marketplace works today.”
 Anna McCloy - “There are 12 families who are in our thoughts and prayers today and every day.”
 Anna McCloy - “He hasn't asked. He's mentioned the explosion. He said it was a tragedy. But I don't want to push him. We'll need to sit down and I'll ask questions when he indicates he's ready.”
 Bob Loy - “It's just ignorance, really, and not recognizing the damage they can do. You can go look at almost any big tree in any park and see on the leeward side of it there is charcoal.”
 Bob Loy - “The tree is so badly burned that you can actually look at the cavity that has been created at the base of the trunk and see all the way through it. It has a sign 5 feet from it saying don't dump charcoal and a sign on the tree itself that says don't do that, but people do it anyway.”
 Chuck Mulloy - “We don't see any impact. We are busily preparing for trial.”
 Phil Loy - “I tell you what. I was worried all week about Riverdale. When they shoot well, they can give you all sorts of trouble, and tonight they showed it.”
 Pat Loy - “I think that is just absolutely terrible, but I understand that there is nothing that can be done.”
 Chuck Mulloy - “That's an ISO issue. We don't have any comment on the standards vote or the claims the Chinese are making.”
 Anna McCloy - “We're just going to wait until he basically comes around completely before we come out and tell him, you know, that he's the only one.”
 Jeff Malloy - “Defense has been our weak point this year, particularly in the second half.”
 Dannel Malloy - “All hospitals and all pharmacies licensed in the state of Connecticut to prescribe drugs, be prepared to prescribe and treat women in cases of rape. That means making emergency contraception available to all women at all licensed facilities in the state of Connecticut.”
 Anna McCloy - “We're going to have one big family vacation, something we never could do before because it was always work in the way or something in the way.”
 Chuck Mulloy - “We are in discussions constantly with countries around the world about potential new facilities. We have not announced anything with respect to Israel, nor have we denied anything.”
 Lawyer Milloy - “He wouldn't want us to worry about him too much. That's just the type of guy he is, ... It's the teams that don't sit there and say, Woe is me.' ... Now's the time for the young guys to do a little more and help fill that void.”

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