My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve DeLuca - “For an individual investor you've got to be a long-term believer that someday all of us will be screened for explosives when we get on a plane. Right now, we're screened for guns and knives.”
 Filippo Luca - “The key is to study the individual fund managers and their track records.”
 Filippo Luca - “The fact that two leading companies in the industry may take part in mergers is sending a positive message. This is a market that can be sustained by MA.”
 John DeLuca - “It's a dramatic change from where we were, and it will take some getting used to, ... A year ago, Amy was home and we saw each other all the time. Now it's weekends and cell phones.”
 John DeLuca - “It's hilarious to watch tapes of ourselves from back then, ... We were very green -- but very enthusiastic.”
 Jason DeLuca - “It was a good match, they all have been. I just didn't pull it off. Walter did a good job, wrestled tough. It's the way matches go. When guys are so close (talent wise) it just happens. I thought I could get out (in double overtime). I got out on him real quick in the second period. He held me tough, he did a good job.”
 Ali DeLuca - “It's great to know when you work so hard at something that now you can enjoy it.”
 Steve DeLuca - “I'm going to miss being cursed at in 12 different languages.”
 Len DeLuca - “We wanted to do it in the first round in the playoffs, which caused a lot of phone calls at 3 a.m.. This is truly the madness of spring.”
 John DeLuca - “a place like ours, one of the smaller places that we haven't heard a lot about.”
 Filippo Luca - “Latin American economies have made a leap to quality. We are totally convinced that this time the economic growth will be much more sustainable than it has been in the past.”
 Steve DeLuca - “It's their own fault. We went through this last hurricane (season). Last year, it was our civic duty (to help). This year, it questions common sense.”
 Len DeLuca - “We had the absolute perfect storm of college football. The absolute delight is that the game exceeded expectations. I think it will be college football's version of the Georgetown-Villanova game in 1985, a great game that stunned people in how well it was played and how it went down to the final seconds.”
 Filippo Luca - “Things have started moving and it's clear that we will be seeing some deals in the short term. There are all sorts of rumors going around and this is pushing the shares higher. We're only seeing the beginning of it.”
 John DeLuca - “The first decision hiring Cryan blindsided me, ... But that's the nature of the business. You never know what's going to happen.”
 Ali DeLuca - “They are one of those teams that's just huge. Our biggest thing is boxing them out. When we need to rebound, we'll rebound.”
 Jason DeLuca - “I want to work on my technique and sharpen my moves and try to get better. I want to cut down on mistakes. I have to say, I'm excited for the rest of the tournament. I am taking it one match at a time, one tournament at a time - trying not to look ahead to anything else.”