My Favorite Quotes
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 Ken Lucas - “He hasn't thrown me a pick yet but I'm hoping I can get one, ... I know he loves to give them out, so, ...”
 Brian Lucas - “When Crash comes out, we'll give it good placement in the stores again because it's high-profile and our customers will be interested in it.”
 Bob Lucas - “The one thing I can say about Tech kids is they always give 100 percent to the very end.”
 James Lucas - “One of Toro's largest end markets -- golf -- appears to be poised for a long-awaited rebound. The residential piece of the market is gearing up for strong promotional activity, which bodes well for the fiscal second quarter.”
 Gerald Lucas - “There will be fairly good demand for the 30-year bond.”
 Caroline Lucas - “We're seeing greenhouse gas emissions rise under this government. We're seeing this government now not talking about targets, talking about technology instead.”
 Gerald Lucas - “The Fed is erring on the side of fighting inflation and is willing to risk slower growth.”
 Jerry Lucas - “I'm in favor of a rifle range, ... But it should be someplace where it doesn't impact any neighbors. This area, which is prone to growth, this thing might encroach on that.”
 Jon Lucas - “One of the first projects that we have is a 15 million room renovation. We are going to renovate virtually all our guest rooms. New everything - new bathrooms, new bedding, furniture and soft goods just a complete redo. We've got a lot of capital projects lined up behind that.”
 Gerald Lucas - “Pressure from bunds is working its way into the Treasury market. Bunds and Treasuries are moving hand in hand.”
 Tim Lucas - “Neither side enjoyed going through the expense of a leng-thy hearing process that ultimately resulted in a rate settlement.”
 Stephen Lucas - “Stephen Lucas is among those compelled to watch. The images serve as a reminder of why he left his insurance business and the only place he called home after facing Hurricane Katrina. Ive lived through every storm thats hit that area since 1956, so I rode that one out and it scared the hell out of me, ... To hear those winds come roaring in, those sustained winds, I dont ever want to go through another hurricane again.”
 Brian Lucas - “Father's Day is an interesting holiday because a lot of Dads don't go out and say that this is what they really want.”
 George Lucas - “This is huge for a guy like me that's trying to get my career off the ground - to be able to open for Brooks Dunn - the duo of the millennium - is just an absolute honor.”
 Lonnie Lucas - “If we had it to do over we would go out and play the same way and just hope the outcome was different. We just didn't have a good ball game. That's the bottom line.”
 Richard Lucas - “Clearly, we need a more efficient needs shelter for Jackson County. We as a hospital system will work closely with the Red Cross and other appropriate entities to help improve these conditions.”
 Ken Lucas - “Believe me, I want to be out there, ... But sometimes as a player you can put yourself in position where you hurt the team by being out there.”
 George Lucas - “I figured if I got posters and T-shirts and things with the name of the movie on it, it would help promote the movie. The whole idea that licensing would be a revenue stream didn't occur to anybody.”
 George Lucas - “I got the licensing rights because I figured they wouldn't promote the film and if I got posters and T-shirts and things out there with the name of the film on them it would help promote the movie. So, you know, the whole idea that licensing was a revenue stream didn't really occur to anybody, including me.”
 Spencer Lucas - “The idea has been suggested that he wasn't a fast hunter, that he was a carrion feeder. I would describe that idea as ridiculous. All the evidence points to him as a powerful killer and hunter.”
 Richard Lucas - “We really, really need someone to go forward with this in the county. It's a huge industry. A lot of people are misinformed when they think it doesn't mean much to the whole tax base because it's huge.”
 Jim Lucas - “It's very beneficial for people to come. There will be a lot of information. It's also for the residents who may not really know what's out there.”
 Jim Lucas - “We don't actually have an office for Theo, ... But we built two new cubicles this year and he'd have his own phone and access to the Internet.”
 Matt Lucas - “We're going to kill some characters off in the new series”
 Ken Lucas - “I just had to laugh. It was hilarious.”

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