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 Larry Lucchino - “He has asked us before, and it's only reasonable that we explore possibilities, particularly at this time of year when all types of trades are considered and kicked around. So it seems respectful of him, and it seems our job is to consider these kinds of possibilities.”
 Larry Lucchino - “Theo's an immensely talented guy who's proved himself over the last several years here. And if he is comfortable and happy and feels he can be productive in this organization, in this structure, we would welcome him.”
 Larry Lucchino - “Between them, Ben and Jed have intimate knowledge of every player in our organization, from top to bottom. They complement each other well with their varied experiences.”
 Larry Lucchino - “While Theo was contemplating returning to the organization in an advisory role, he and I agreed it was best if he returned as general manager.”
 Larry Lucchino - “was given a great new opportunity to stay in Atlanta. For that reason and for family considerations, he has withdrawn from consideration.”
 Larry Lucchino - “He was an offensive force. He was a clubhouse leader ... and just a generally good guy. We will miss him.”
 Larry Lucchino - “We don't want to comment on what's going on up there if it could have some negative implication for our team. And I think there's no purpose. Everyone knows the rivalry is a heated one, and that we have a lot of respect for them and they for us. But I don't see what good it does to make bold predictions on the first day of spring training.”
 Larry Lucchino - “The last stages of this did come as a bit of a surprise to us. We're not going to go back and reconstruct the negotiations, and what would we have done. I leave it to the Yankees to make decisions for the Yankees.”
 Larry Lucchino - “I think that's terrific for Grady, and wish him great good luck. He's not exactly a Hollywood, L.A. type of guy, but he has a kind of versatility that will hold him in good stead.”
 Larry Lucchino - “There needs to be some give and take, or some exchange of preferences and places. So, obviously we have to work together, and we told him we would be willing to explore that. He needs to give us some guidance.”
 Larry Lucchino - “It's premature to discuss exactly what role Theo would have. All we're saying is that we'll keep a light in the window and the door ajar.”
 Larry Lucchino - “I think it's fair to say that we left the door ajar for a subsequent formal offer. We wanted to sign Johnny Damon. We made a very strong and concerted effort to do so. We're disappointed.”
 Larry Lucchino - “The time and distance from the scientist's lab bench to the patient's bedside must be shortened.”
 Larry Lucchino - “I think it's probably fair to say there has been general discussion about Theo coming back in some shape or form. It's premature to discuss exactly what role, if any, Theo would have.”
 Larry Lucchino - “He was an offensive force. He was a clubhouse leader. He was a bit of a cult figure who was enormously popular with the women of Red Sox nation and generally a good guy. We urged Johnny that Boston is a great place for him, that he was a beloved figure here. But in the end he was free to make his decision.”
 Larry Lucchino - “This group has the full confidence of the ownership and management of the Red Sox,”
 Larry Lucchino - “One person expressed concern that his young daughter wanted to get a Yankees shirt with Johnny's name on it. And he didn't know what sort of crisis that would cause in the family.”
 Larry Lucchino - “The generosity and compassion of Red Sox Nation, our players and the Red Sox Wives never cease to amaze, ... We were touched and inspired by the eagerness our fans showed to assist the victims of Hurricane Katrina.”
 Larry Lucchino - “It has something to do with the comfort level he has in Boston, the city of Boston. I think it goes back to the basic decision to come here, when he made that decision. It goes back that far.”
 Larry Lucchino - “He has made it clear that he would like us to consider a trade.”
 Larry Lucchino - “Clearly, this study demonstrates that the Red Sox winning is good for the health of western civilization,”
 Larry Lucchino - “This series itself has increased our fan base. I think there are people in Monterrey and in the towns around here that care about the Padres.”
 Larry Lucchino - “For those of us who have been diagnosed with cancer, time is a precious commodity,”
 Larry Lucchino - “We have enough to worry about in our own camp let alone worrying about what everybody else says in other camps. I take that as an expression of optimism rather than as a prediction.”
 Larry Lucchino - “Are we open for business Are we listening to proposals and possibilities We are. This is the time of year when you do that. Our guys at the general managers meetings are certainly approaching this subject with an open mind and are willing to sit and talk to people who have an interest in discussing a transaction for Manny or any of our other players.”

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