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 Larry Lucchino - “When Major League Baseball owners unanimously voted to allow team logos to be part of instant ticket games, we then had an opportunity to create yet another innovative venture.”
 Larry Lucchino - “He had a special relationship with ballplayers, as he had with fans, as he had with the front office people. He was an open, available, uncle-like personality, and I think that is special. Baseball fans appreciate that.”
 Larry Lucchino - “Certainly Theo is a good friend of all of us, and he's worked very closely with these guys in the past. The door has been really ajar for some time, and until Theo goes to work for another baseball organization we'll keep the light on in the window with the possibility of him coming back and helping us.”
 Larry Lucchino - “In addition to meeting with clubs to discuss trade possibilities, we do expect our baseball operations staff will have conversations with agents for several of our current free agents as well as representatives for other players on this winter's free agent market, ... We hope and expect it will be a useful week for the Red Sox.”
 Larry Lucchino - “You really should go to the winter meetings armed to do business.”
 Larry Lucchino - “Walls have crumbled, perceptions of one another have changed, and appreciation of one another has grown. As an enhanced sense of 'team' has emerged, we have rediscovered that, whatever our differences may have been, baseball is at the center of our operations and our lives, and working toward the success of the Red Sox is a commitment which all of us share.”
 Larry Lucchino - “An amicable agreement was reached several weeks ago when the suggestion was made that the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum become the custodian of the ball.”
 Larry Lucchino - “An amicable agreement was reached, and it provides a permanent home at the Hall of Fame.”
 Larry Lucchino - “It is a sad day when the Players Association thwarts the will of its members, ... The Players Association asserts that it supports individual negotiations, freedom of choice, and player mobility. However, in this high-profile instance, their action contradicts this and is contrary to the desires of the player.”

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