My Favorite Quotes
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 Charlene Lui - “I think it is a good idea because it gives everyone responsibility.”
 Charlene Lui - “He was scrambling for players. I was lucky. Most players only have Coach Phil for two years, but I had him for four. He was very lenient about my not playing on Sunday. He told me I could play D-I.”
 Charlene Lui - “She liked me there and that is where I've been ever since. I still didn't have as much confidence as I should have. I'm too much of a worry bug, so I told myself to just go out and play.”
 Charlene Lui - “I had gone to Olympic Development Camp and played so badly. It was at altitude and I was out of shape. I thought, 'Oh my gosh, am I cut out to play D-I'. I was 5-2 and wasn't growing any more. Also, I don't play on Sundays and was losing a lot of experience not playing on Sunday.”