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 Jose Luis - “Markets are very important but for the government the citizens are more so.”
 Jose Luis - “No Spanish government has given into terror and no government will do that.”
 Jose Luis - “I thought it was a permanent thing.”
 Jose Luis - “I think it would be a good thing. This way you can know your paycheck will be the same from week to week. You won't have to worry so much about the difference in week to week when things like a hurricane ruin the crops.”
 Jose Luis - “We share their pain intensely, just as they and so many other peoples of the world did with us on other occasions.”
 Jose Luis - “I ... state the willingness of the government of Spain to sustain the historic relations between Spain and the Holy See and to cooperate with Your Holiness during your mandate. I take this opportunity, Your Holiness, to send you the testimony of my highest consideration and esteem.”
 Jose Luis - “The worst is over, ... People are returning to their normal lives.”
 Jose Luis - “I believe that he won't miss out because, with this type of problem, the tendency is that he will recover in time, ... It's nothing serious.”
 Jose Luis - “Until the 27th of May the only Spanish military personnel remaining in zones of operation will be dedicated to security and to carrying out orders, support and logistics related to the withdrawal.”
 Jose Luis - “On a number of occasions, military operations which involved excessive use of force and other violations, haven't necessarily been addressed,”
 Jose Luis - “The government is already working to make sure that this is a permanent cease-fire, that is the beginning of a definitive, absolute, total end to all types of violence.”
 Jose Luis - “I would consider as a grave error a wedding which would put us on a level with the English and which perhaps would make me consider the advantages of a republic,”
 Jose Luis - “Any peace process after so many years of horror and terror will be long and difficult.”
 Jose Luis - “There will be peace when the dictator is out of that palace,”
 Jose Luis - “I have never had either the passion, or the interest, or the circumstances of meeting him, it's very curious, I guess these are the necessary paradoxes that lead one to be prime minister of the government.”
 Jose Luis - “The risk of a terrorist victory is greater when in fighting terror, democracy betrays its own essence.”
 Jose Luis - “I don't think this debate is negative, it is enriching”
 Jose Luis - “Yes, I am missing school Monday because I'm joining the protest in Tampa. It's important to me because lots of family and friends are immigrants and if that law does pass it means they'll no longer be here. They're in danger to be deported and to me they are very important people in my life.”
 Jose Luis - “Euro 2004 goes beyond soccer, ... It's an event which gives us the chance to show that Portugal is a modern country.”
 Jose Luis - “I promise, through my conscience and honor, to fulfill faithfully the obligations of the post of prime minister, with loyalty to the king, and to uphold the constitution as the fundamental law of the state, and to keep secret the deliberations of the council of ministers.”
 Jose Luis - “The crime levels in the country have grown scandalously. It is a concern that was in second place among Mexicans, but is now the number one worry again,”
 Jose Luis - “Unfortunately they have found a legal loophole to conduct such (operations). This is an act to intimidate people in the community.”
 Jose Luis - “Spaniards have always shown great maturity and great common sense when it comes to voting.”
 Jose Luis - “My commitment is my commitment”
 Jose Luis - “I will listen to Mr Bush but my position is very clear and very firm. The occupation is a fiasco. There have been almost more deaths after the war than during the war.”

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