My Favorite Quotes
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 Alexander Lukashenko - “Trade between Belarus and Iran is much lower than it could be. It is absolutely inadmissible to leave it at the current level.”
 Alexander Lukashenko - “If the people's deputies do not understand my appeal (to stop attacking me and back the referendum) then we will have to meet and go our separate ways once and for all,”
 Alexander Lukashenko - “glittering victory ... elegant and beautiful.”
 Alexander Lukashenko - “There are forces in the world whose soul is against the unity of the Slav peoples. Those forces, using peaceful rhetoric, want to break that unity apart and are engaged in attempts at spiritual and political expansion,”
 Alexander Lukashenko - “During the years of my presidency I lived a tough and difficult life ... I tried to be honest and fair, helped the talented and those in need,”
 Alexander Lukashenko - “You know what pressure is put on Belarus, ranging from open blackmail to attempted interference in our internal affairs from the West, and from small provocations to threat of extremist rallies from the opposition.”
 Alexander Lukashenko - “We have to overcome with patience what separates us and treasure what brings us closer and unites us,”
 Alexander Lukashenko - “There is no confrontation in our country -- neither racial nor religious. There are no wars on our land, ... Name another post-Soviet state which can boast the same values.”
 Alexander Lukashenko - “The main thing is that Belarus and Russia, making coordinated foreign policy moves, do not limit themselves to bilateral cooperation but also find coordinated solutions to key problems of world politics,”
 Alexander Lukashenko - “You should not be misled about the so-called single opposition candidate. There are so many of them now that you will lack the fingers to count them,”
 Alexander Lukashenko - “Who can guarantee that he Alexander Milinkevich, a Belarussian opposition presidential candidate is the most promising candidate capable of competing with the incumbent president”
 Alexander Lukashenko - “It is not a choice between president and parliament. It is a choice between chaos and anarchy on one side, and discipline, order and a change for the better on the other,”