My Favorite Quotes
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 Renee Luker - “I feel like I am very fortunate compared to a lot of people and I want to give back if I can by helping with the MS walk.”
 Renee Luker - “Raise the funds for research that is hopefully going to lead to a cure or better treatment. In the last few years, we have gotten several new drugs that have made treatment of it so much better and now we want to find a cure.”
 Michael Fluker - “If you spend less than what you earn, you're on the path to building wealth, and riches will be within reach.”
 Michael Fluker - “I wanted to make my life better, and to do that I had to gain a solid understanding of financial principles.”
 Michael Fluker - “The No. 1 thing I want people to take away is the motivation to be able to make a difference in their situation. People need to believe that where they are now doesn't have to be where they end up.”
 Renee Luker - “For most people it is very silent disease. I have speech problems a lot of time, cognitive speech problems, walking difficulty and fatigue.”
 Michael Fluker - “It's my belief that by giving to God, he honors you.”