My Favorite Quotes
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 Brad Lukowich - “I thought it was going to hit me in the head. I tried to move and it hit me in the arm.”
 Brad Lukowich - “I don't regret a minute of my time in Tampa. Any time you do something special like (winning a Stanley Cup), you always want it to continue. Unfortunately, I didn't get the call.”
 Brad Lukowich - “Look around the league and look in the faces of other teams that are winning the guys that have broken noses and stitches on their faces because they get in the tough areas and take a hit to make a play. It's time we started to get in the trenches, because we haven't for 36 games, which is unacceptable.”
 Brad Lukowich - “I wasn't very comfortable. I'm my own worst critic. It was a tough adaptation. I'm a defensive guy and I got caught a couple of times going the wrong way.”
 Brad Lukowich - “We have to hold ourselves more accountable. Two years ago, I played on a team that went 1-10 in January and went on to win the Stanley Cup. We had good character guys. We have good character guys here. We just have to rise to the challenge and have to push each other.”
 Brad Lukowich - “We've got the guys who can do it (win). We've got guys with skill. But we have to put a check on our commitment. It's time to start getting in the trenches. We haven't been doing that for 40 games, and that's unacceptable.”