My Favorite Quotes
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 Joanna Lumley - “I don't think we know what we're going to get, so the idea of looking for somebody can make it wrong. Make friends and get a life.”
 Brian Lumley - “Now, after 18 years, not a sign of Lovecraft in my work.”
 Joanna Lumley - “Though I was a mother at 21, being a grandmother makes the whole thing absolutely normal and gorgeous. The relief, the joy of being a grandmother is wonderful.”
 Brian Lumley - “But other vampire stories Well, no, I really haven't read too many, and I can't say I'm crazy about romantic vampires anyway - to me the vampire is simply an evil monster.”
 Brian Lumley - “There are lots of other things that I haven't done, places I haven't seen. So eventually I'll have to find time for those things while there still is time.”
 Brian Lumley - “But I've found that to talk too much about movies is the kiss of death. If it happens then it happens, is all.”
 Joanna Lumley - “Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped away into the next room.”
 Brian Lumley - “Writers are in the entertainment business, and it gives me lots of pleasure to entertain my readers.”
 Brian Lumley - “But there's a little guy who sits astride my brain with a whip, and if I'm away from the machine for more than a couple of hours during the day, this little guy's lashing away.”
 Joanna Lumley - “I've got lots of good friends. I could have affairs. I can read a book all night, put the cat on the end of the bed. I can pick up my passport and go to France. I don't have to ask anybody.”
 Brian Lumley - “He commented that maybe I could write a mythos tale for a book he would soon edit, called Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos. Of course I got to work on it right away. Hey, I mean, this should happen to every aspiring writer”
 Joanna Lumley - “I'm aware of my body.”
 Joanna Lumley - “I've been given this blessing, which is my granddaughter. You're no longer just you. You suddenly fit into the chest of drawers of life.”
 Joanna Lumley - “We transported eight giraffes, and there are now nine because one gave birth to a male shortly afterwards. They carry their pregnancies very well-they all looked the same.”
 Brian Lumley - “The Army was my bread and butter.”
 Brian Lumley - “Now, when I was in the Army, writing was my hobby.”
 Brian Lumley - “If, like Harry Keogh, I could talk to the dead - God, there are an awful lot of people I would like to speak to Not least my father. Being in the army for 22 years, I didn't see enough of him, and I know there are a great many things I could have learned from him.”
 Joanna Lumley - “They're not group animals, they're completely solitary, so if the baby's mother is taken away, there's no system of aunts ... their whole system is destroyed.”

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