My Favorite Quotes
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 John Lumpkin - “What we hope to see is a gadget that can do it all.”
 Mark Lumpkin - “So don't have big bushes in your front yard where crooks can easily hide behind Absolutely. But especially the back of the house and side of the house.”
 Marc Lumpkin - “Now that this letter has been sent to us, we will investigate (the allegations). Our legal department will get involved and investigate it.”
 Phil Lumpkin - “They are an interesting bunch talented, undefeated, work hard. We've got our work cut out for us.”
 Phil Lumpkin - “We felt that we had an opportunity to exploit their inside defense. Those two kids did a very good job working together.”
 Mark Lumpkin - “Burglars and bad guys don't like noise. Silence is their friend. They don't want to see lights. They don't want to see noise.”
 John Lumpkin - “You don't think about it, but it's really intense when you are sneaking up on it. Each step you take feels like it makes a ton of noise, and you just hope it isn't going to jump away.”
 Phil Lumpkin - “Two fine athletes. Two kids who do things the right way. They went at it and they both had moments in the game when they took the game over.”
 Mark Lumpkin - “Burglars aren't stupid. They make a living doing bad things to people's houses and belongings, and they sell them for about one tenth of what they're worth. So they have to do three or four a day.”
 Phil Lumpkin - “We just tried not to lose him. We just tried to make him work, make him earn everything that he got, and try not to let him get into any kind of rhythm.”
 John Lumpkin - “I can't wait to go again. I plan on going many times this summer.”
 Phil Lumpkin - “We left the door ajar and they kept trying to widen it.”
 Mark Lumpkin - “How fast can a crook get in and out of a house How fast can you kick a door open That fast.”
 Mark Lumpkin - “A size 8, size 9 boot, one kick and this door comes open. If you have metal frames and she does have a two-inch dead bolt, you'll have to kick in four or five times, make a lot of noise to come in on a metal frame.”
 John Lumpkin - “It's the Super Bowl of all gadget events. From a consumer angle, never more than today are men living up to the adage 'whoever dies with the most toys wins.' Guys are all about the discovery of new technologies. Everyone loves to come to this conference to be aware of what's coming out next year.”
 John Lumpkin - “The resources being released today bring us closer to achieving the great promise that health information technology has to improve the quality, safety, and effectiveness of health care. The Connecting for Health Common Framework provides a foundation that everyone can build on. Soon we will see doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, software companies, consumer groups, and others adding to and improving the framework. It is a very significant contribution to the development of private and secure exchange of health information nationwide to improve care for each patient.”
 John Lumpkin - “Cover the Uninsured Week provides students with unique opportunities to tell our leaders that health care coverage must be a top priority. As the future leaders of this country, today's students will be directly affected by this problem when their own friends, families, and businesses cannot afford the rising cost of health coverage and join the ranks of the uninsured as a result. How to provide affordable, consistent care for the uninsured is not taught in any textbook or classroom. We are grateful that students and their teachers are using their energy and activism to spread the word that every man, woman, and child in America must have health care coverage and our leaders must take action.”