My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Lunardi - “Recent history suggests they're in. When you win the championship of a top-10 RPI conference like the Mountain West, you're in.”
 Pietro Lunardi - “This accident will help to improve the level of security,”
 Pietro Lunardi - “It is unheard of that there should still be technical problems after such a long time.”
 Pietro Lunardi - “No one should be allowed to use this tragedy for political speculation.”
 Joe Lunardi - “The surprise to me with Maryland's profile isn't that they're not in, but that they're even as high as last four out. The bubble is really bad and most years I think they'd be eight or 10 spots lower than they are. Most years we're not talking about five or six from the Missouri Valley or two or three from the Colonial or eight or nine Big East teams. There's not a team on the bubble that doesn't have serious flaws.”
 Joe Lunardi - “It's crazy, isn't it I'm really unbelievably ordinary.”
 Pietro Lunardi - “We're surrounded by mountains here. If he wanted to kill himself he could have flown into one of them.”
 Pietro Lunardi - “offset the soaring cost of fuel.”
 Joe Lunardi - “I think the winner of this game clearly establishes itself as No. 2 in the Valley. To me, Northern Iowa is the best team and I think that will be clear at the end of the race.”
 Pietro Lunardi - “Now everybody will understand that we were not joking. The bridge is a great work which will unite Sicily and its six million inhabitants with the continent and for this reason it has enormous value socially, and for the urban and transport development.”