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 Mike Englund - “For existing home sales, we may have passed the peak in 2005. The story line for 2006 is going to be a slowdown, primarily in those geographic areas that have seen big gains.”
 Markus Naslund - “It wasn't the prettiest of games but nevertheless we will take the two points.”
 Markus Naslund - “These points are crucial to us. These games are so important. Hopefully we'll look back at this as the turning point to getting better.”
 Mattias Ohlund - “I think we got fooled the first three games by the results and we really didn't play as well as we should have.”
 Mattias Ohlund - “Obviously, we need to win the last couple of games.”
 Rick Sherlund - “We expect the release of Windows Vista and Office 12 to further drive revenue as both products are being designed to take advantage of collaborative features in the next generation of server products (SQL Server 2005, BizTalk Server 2006, and the 'Longhorn' or Vista Server likely due out in the second half of calendar 2007).”
 Adrian Lund - “If a seat is too stiff, without enough 'give' to it so a person sinks into it during a crash, then the head restraint can move back and away from the head. This can lead to higher forces on the neck, and whiplash injury is more likely.”
 Adrian Lund - “But good head restraint geometry by itself isn't sufficient. A seat has to be designed so it doesn't move backward and away from the head during a rear impact. A seat also needs to 'give' so an occupant will sink into it, moving the head closer to the restraint.”
 Markus Naslund - “He didn't give me much to shoot at, but somehow it got in.”
 Markus Naslund - “I think we're starting to use the team play and getting the four lines involved, ... Seeing guys like Richard Park chipping in and Lee Goren, it's so timely with goals like that. I think that's going to be the key to our success.”
 Zach Lund - “It's not going to keep me from my athletic goals and my life goals. One of them is being an Olympian. So I'll definitely be back.”
 Michael Englund - “Gold is a flight-to-quality product.”
 Adrian Lund - “Now almost every vehicle we test offers good protection.”
 Adrian Lund - “Look at the crash test ratings and go for a car that is rated 'good,' rather the one rated 'poor.'”
 Adrian Lund - “Nearly every car now earns good ratings in our frontal test. The Fusion is acceptable, which isn't a bad result, but it's not competitive with other cars in its class. Based on this car's side and rear evaluations along with its acceptable frontal rating, the Fusion is the lowest rated moderately priced midsize car we've evaluated.”
 Adrian Lund - “Ford has done a good job of designing its newest vehicles to better protect occupants in frontal crashes.”
 Adrian Lund - “We're seeing auto manufacturers beginning to do this just to get good ratings in our test. But what we want to see manufacturers putting on their cars are bumper systems that will resist damage in a wide range of low-speed crashes.”
 Rich Forslund - “Rob Jones has been the rock all year. But the good thing is that every game someone different steps it up.”
 Soren Lund - “We went from 9,600 to 450, and that was the first big step, and then we went another round from 450 to 150. Then it becomes tougher and tougher because they're all so good, and I feel sorry for this guy and sorry for that guy Lego didn't choose.”
 Mattias Ohlund - “It's never good when you're injured and missing days, but it's definitely not something that is going to keep me out for long. I haven't skated yet so that's going to be a big test, but I do feel pretty good.”
 Joyce Hedlund - “Amelia is playing beautifully. She is mentally stronger this year and she is a very good leader.”
 Michael Englund - “The story is all about oil. This is still a fluid situation but we have enough information to feel comfortable lowering our economic growth estimate even further.”
 Rick Sherlund - “We are encouraged by this and have raised estimates, essentially back to earlier levels. While the stock is richly valued and the growth is still well below historic levels, we believe there is a good flow of upcoming new products and the shares are likely a relative safe harbor.”
 Rick Sherlund - “I think the Street's trying to figure out what is the long-term growth rate here,”
 Rick Sherlund - “There is an increasing risk that Microsoft might atrophy on the PC platform as IBM did on the mainframe platform, while robust growth shifts to hand-held and wireless devices,”

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