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 Trilby Lundberg - “For the near future, however, any future price cuts are likely to be much smaller than what we've seen in the last month.”
 Mikael Lundberg - “I played quite safe, especially after 12 holes when I had a couple of shots advantage but then Andrew played some great golf to catch up with me.”
 Mikael Lundberg - “The score was good but the game wasn't too good. I made a bit of a rocky start but it got better and better.”
 Trilby Lundberg - “Crude oil prices have been working their way through to the pump, and gasoline demand growth in June -- over June 2004 -- fueled the price hikes,”
 Trilby Lundberg - “Economic growth has allowed us to absorb these higher prices,”
 Trilby Lundberg - “What has occurred is that supply swelled as our domestic refinery capacity came back on line after recovering from hurricane damage and gasoline imports flooded in to help fill the demand.”
 Trilby Lundberg - “Katrina damage remains a crimp on gas supplies, but we've had a major comeback by the oil industry since she hit,”
 Trilby Lundberg - “Those that can will do so, either officially -- as Saudi Arabia has -- or unofficially, simply because of the temptation of higher prices,”
 Trilby Lundberg - “The gasoline price has broken records repeatedly in 2005, but until September 9 it did not exceed the true all-time high.”
 Mikael Lundberg - “I made a bit of a rocky start today and I could not get the feel of it but it got better and better and by the end of the round it felt all right.”
 Trilby Lundberg - “This is a manifestation of what has occurred in the world oil market, despite OPEC production cuts,”
 Trilby Lundberg - “If crude oil prices do not rise further, then we can expect gas prices to peak because demand always falls after August. Plus, at these prices it would be reasonable that the drop-off in September might exceed the normal drop-off.”
 Trilby Lundberg - “This supply loss is permanent, unlike a storm idling refining capacity, even one as horrendous as Katrina. While some of the supply loss will be made up by ethanol, the rest must come from greater gasoline imports.”
 Trilby Lundberg - “If OPEC stays with its decision to reduce oil output again by April 1, then little price relief at the pump can be expected, ... Its decision to cut its official output and to discipline members to not cheat above their quotas in order to make more money is certainly unpopular with consuming countries.”
 Paul Lundberg - “You have to give the kids credit. They stayed with it. This was a great win - just look at the crowd, the support.”
 Trilby Lundberg - “We are in a nightmare of patchwork-quilt environmental regulations which wreak havoc with gasoline supply and price stability, ... The wide variety of regulations affecting formulas has created wide price disparities around the country and made distribution of gasoline more problematic.”
 Trilby Lundberg - “This ratcheting down of allowable sulfur adds to costs and also strains the refining system. In 2006, the EPA could well cost gasoline consumers more than Hurricane Katrina did.”
 Paul Lundberg - “In my conversations with DNR personnel, bridges that are in now are fine, but if they have to be replaced, you can't do that. I asked about replacing a rotting bridge deck and I was told that even that is a gray area. That's when we thought we better get some wording change in the law.”
 Trilby Lundberg - “The supply and demand were grossly out of balance and remain somewhat out of balance in the gas market, ... But that balance is normalizing as refining capacity is brought back up.”