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 Henrik Lundqvist - “He talked to both of us and said the guy who's winning, who's playing good, is the guy who's going to play. I don't know if I'm playing Thursday because I lost the last two games in overtime. My game feels pretty good, but still I've got to win.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “When you jump into a game like this and you are down two goals, you have nothing to lose.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “I know we have to play better as a team, and I have to play better as a goalie. But when I sit down and look at the goals, I don't know what I could do different.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “When I sit down and looked at the goals. I don't know what I could do differently.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “I think me and Kevin have let in the same amount of goals as we did before the break, but we don't score as many.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “It's important if you take the lead in the series. It's good to get a confident feeling.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “He's a great player and a good scorer, so of course we needed him.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “I'm always nervous on game days ... I take it as a good sign. If I'm not nervous, I'm not really into the game.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “It's good. He's a good goalkeeper and he deserves his shot there.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “He just came up and started to talk to me. I got slashed on my hand and that's why I was a little bit upset. It didn't bother me that I got tripped. It was the slash that bothered me.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “We talked before the season how we wanted other teams to look at us. What do we want our opponent to think about us We want to be a hard-working team that shows up every night and is hard to play, and we try to create our own reputation. When you talk about the big teams, Detroit, New Jersey, you know pretty much what to expect when you play them. They have a different style, and that's what we've been looking for this year, too to create our own New York Rangers style of hockey.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “It's never good to have those players injured, the top players on the team. I hope that Peter is well when the tournament starts and he will be very excited about playing.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “It's been a lot of focus on this playing for the Rangers now, but I have thought about the Olympics, whether it's at home or before you go to sleep. You have to be a little bit prepared because once you get there, you jump right into it with a couple of games right away.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “I thought about it the other day I'm just happy to be part of this team when he's here. I don't know how long he will play but he's for sure the best player I ever played with. Just the way he can dominate when he wants to amazes me. He keeps going the whole year here and he's so important for us. It's huge that he just keeps scoring and keeps going.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “After the shot he was behind me, but just before the shot he was interfering with me. I couldn't move. I thought it was a good call.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “I feel good, but at the same time it feels like I'm taking a chance if I'm going to the world championship. I talked to the medical guys here and it feels like the best thing to do for the future is to work in the gym and just take it easy - not put any stress on it.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “All the guys know we have to play our best game. At the same time, I don't think many people expected us to beat New Jersey. So it's more pressure when you play games when you're the favorite.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “It's mental. Physically, I'm fine. It just feels good to have a game off. At the same time, you want to play. But (Kevin) Weekes has to play as well.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “Back in Sweden, I tried to be aggressive, be far out of the net all the time,”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “Of course it's going to be a new experience for me to play in the NHL playoffs. The playoffs back home in Sweden, I played five times I think, and it's best-of-seven there too. It's a different style of hockey but we'll see how it goes.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “It's tough to lose at the end here. We were hoping for the division title (but) we are where we wanted to be before the season. We wanted to be in the playoffs. We're there. We can't be too disappointed.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “We had a good talk today and right now everybody is focused on doing whatever we can do to get a win Saturday. If we get a win, a lot of things can happen.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “We have to play smarter. We can't take so many penalties. That's what cost us today. I won't say I was struggling. But it was hard for me to see the puck.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “I felt for Weekes. I said to him after this game, almost every shot they had was a scoring chance. There was no easy shots today.”
 Henrik Lundqvist - “We work really hard on the (penalty kill). We got a lot of energy from that goal. The special teams were the key today, that's for sure.”

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