My Favorite Quotes
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 Lee Lundvall - “The kids shot well. Even our fifth and sixth men were there the whole time.”
 Lee Lundvall - “We just need a lot of practice and a lot of playing time right now. Our morale is real good and the girls are working really hard.”
 Lee Lundvall - “I can't complain. We came up here and got a third and a sixth and both kids are coming back. I think a lot of our kids got a chance to come up and see some good wrestling. That will make them want to work even harder for next year.”
 Lee Lundvall - “One of Dillon's goals was to make it to state. He did that. I can't complain about his effort. He is going to be missed next year.”
 Lee Lundvall - “He was pretty disappointed after that loss in the semifinals and consolation semifinals. He knows he can do so much better. He needs to realize that there are a lot of tough kids up here with the same goal he has. Dustin had a great year.”
 Lee Lundvall - “This is bittersweet. It was a tough decision for the coaches. We exhausted all resources to figure out the correct ruling.”