My Favorite Quotes
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 Ellen Lupton - “A lot of designs are grounded in history even though they tend to be clean and not overly ornate. The sculptural form is often historic. If you come to our exhibit, a lot of things will look familiar.”
 Ellen Lupton - “The original Two-Bottle Tote is an interesting product, so functionally specific and worthy of a trademark.”
 Ellen Lupton - “The exhibition is not just about art, but about life. The ideas in the exhibition relate to so many aspects of everyday life, as well as animating works of art across a huge range of media. Swarms are not controlled by a central plan or leader they operate according to small local interactions, where individual agents don't have a picture of the global system, and yet they are building. This is like so much in our lives, from political movements and opinion-making to traffic jams and how crowds move.”
 Ellen Lupton - “Although its name mockingly evokes delusions of totalitarian grandeur, Planet Propaganda approaches a diverse range of media with commonsense thinking and carefree creative energy.”
 Ellen Lupton - “It certainly is an attitude about disposability. If you're gonna have a party, you don't want to do dishes. I'd rather do the dishes than throw so much stuff away.”