My Favorite Quotes
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 Albert Luque - “Owen is a great player who will help us a lot. We need goals and he will give them to us. I'm sure that he'll adjust to the team quickly and that with Alan Shearer we will form a good attacking trio.”
 Maurice Luque - “At this time, we don't believe this fire is linked to the others.”
 Maurice Luque - “We helped him walk out.”
 Albert Luque - “We all want the Serbia game to come along. Everyone knows we are playing for a place in the World Cup and we will battle to get it.”
 Maurice Luque - “They rescued about 240 people within a four-hour period of time within 5 square miles before they had to suspend operations at nightfall. There were about 500 people who still needed to be rescued.”
 Albert Luque - “Soccer is a career which lasts only years and you need to consider lots of things, but what they are proposing is really good and I hope I don't miss out.”
 Albert Luque - “It would be a great game for me to make my debut in.”
 Maurice Luque - “We depend on them quite heavily. But as a backup, we still carry alphanumeric pagers, which are quite reliable to get emergency notification.”
 Maurice Luque - “What they do is they locate the heat source right away so there's no delay in finding the source of the fire. With books, shelves and other devices in the way, they just followed the thermal image for the heat source and knew exactly where to go.”
 Maurice Luque - “We even have an armed guard with our folks, as do other teams there. It's just turned into a kind of madness.”
 Nancy Luque - “Their request, presumably made because of the appearance of impropriety, is one he cannot ignore. There was, however, no impropriety in these matters.”
 Albert Luque - “Our spirit has been low because of the losses but we have to trust ourselves to turn it around. We have four extremely important months ahead of us. There are 16 Premiership matches left and every one of them will have to be treated like a cup final.”
 Albert Luque - “First it was injury that made it more difficult for me to adapt to the Premier League. Then when I was well and playing, the new coach took over and he is not giving me much playing time.”