My Favorite Quotes
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 Jim Lushine - “By forming farther west, they don't have quite the potential for strength as if they came all the way across ... It hasn't had enough time to build up.”
 Jim Lushine - “Fortunately, as far as we can tell, this is no Andrew. It should be a weak hurricane, more noted for rain than wind.”
 Jim Lushine - “Most of the heavy weather will be here on Tuesday and be gone by Wednesday. Finally, a daytime hurricane, not like Katrina that hid in the night.”
 Jim Lushine - “Mother nature still has us in its sights. I hope it just wings us rather than hitting us in the gut.”
 Jim Lushine - “Even though we've been lucky here so far, it's still been a huge hassle in terms of workload and I didn't plan on having to deal with all of that before my retirement, ... But, I'm still alive and I've got all my cruises lined up for the next five years.”