My Favorite Quotes
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 Scott Luster - “She's just one of those gifted athletes. We have to get her the ball. When she's got it all together, you can't stop her. And everybody knows it, so we have to go to her a lot.”
 JayDee Luster - “He said don't try to score 100 points. Just lead your team. It really stuck in my head and I'm getting better at those things.”
 JayDee Luster - “That was a million years ago. It feels good. We didn't want to go another year with a bad taste in our mouth.”
 JayDee Luster - “You wake up in the morning and open up the paper and you don't see the assists, the steals, the other stuff that makes you a good player. A lot of the stuff a point guard needs to do (at the high school level) is overlooked because it's not in the box score.”
 Scott Luster - “Moving Lindsay outside forces defenses to honor the left side and that means they can't focus on our middle or the right. Lindsay on the outside gives us the outlet we needed.”
 Scott Luster - “They passed and set the ball extremely well. They're fast and they transition to the middle really well. And we've got a freshman and a sophomore blocking middle while they have two seniors. That made a big difference.”
 Scott Luster - “We didn't play that well. We played just well enough to win.”