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 Bobby Lutz - “This has been the most unusual year for me. Winning on the road really isn't that unusual for us. What's unusual is losing four games at home this year.”
 Bobby Lutz - “We're a better team right now, the way we've played the last 10 games.”
 Bobby Lutz - “I think we've just worn him out because we rode him so hard. It's limited his mobility. He gets worn out in the games, but we have to have him in the game.”
 Bobby Lutz - “When you go 26-1, what you do in your conference tournament should not affect you much, if any, because you've proven what you can do. There's no way that what happens this week should affect their seeding. The conference tournament is there to give another avenue of entry.”
 Dave Lutz - “Our kids battled. I told the kids at the end of the game that I was happy they didn't give up. They could have given up when we were down double digits in the fourth quarter, but they played all the way up until the end.”
 Chris Lutz - “We give up too many open looks. We help teams too much.”
 Bob Lutz - “There's enormous good will for the glory days of American cars, when they really were American and didn't try to be Japanese or German. We all recently discovered that was a gold mine we had left fallow for a couple decades.”
 Bobby Lutz - “The goals for us haven't changed any from one league to the next. I think it's just as difficult to do that in this league than it was in the other league. Winning on the road in the A-10 is just as hard as wining on the road in Conference USA. I honestly believe that.”
 Bobby Lutz - “We know that we're not a one-man or a two-man team. To win and not have Curt score much, that's a good sign for our team.”
 Chris Lutz - “We have to get back in transition and keep talking. Ager and Brown are good, and they always sprint the lanes. You have to be ready for them. A key will be if we are able to stop their transition.”
 Dr. Lutz - “We did good. That's pretty cool.”
 Dave Lutz - “He can do that. He did a good job of taking it to the basket.”
 Bobby Lutz - “Martin brings something that Calvin can't do. But I'm not going to hand him the starting position before the first day of practice. I've never done that.”
 John Lutz - “Canadian history is not at all boring. It's Canadian historians who are boring.”
 John Lutz - “In the mysteries project we turn students into historian detectives and invite them to do the exciting work of history. Normally, we tell students what happened when we teach history, but in this project we ask them to tell us,”
 Bob Lutz - “then we would have to take a look at a phase-out. I hope we wouldn't have to do that. What we've got to do is keep the brands we've got.”
 Chris Lutz - “I think the biggest part is they out-toughed us. We shouldn't be doing that right now. We shouldn't let people come into our house and out-tough us.”
 Bob Lutz - “Adams is a pretty good back. He adds a lot to their offense. It hurt them when he went out last week.”
 Bob Lutz - “The biggest things for us is to improve over last week. We made way too many mistakes and missed too many assignments. Hopefully getting a game under their belts will help us this week.”
 Bob Lutz - “The American industry has stopped considering them as commodity vehicles, ... That's a defeatist strategy. You've got to do your best in every segment you're in.”
 Robert Lutz - “I think the American industry has stopped considering (small cars) as commodity vehicles,”
 Robert Lutz - “We analyzed the reason for where we were with the brand great dealers, loyal customers, bland products. So we told ourselves Why not link the reputation for service and sales integrity to existing, world-class products”
 Mark Lutz - “In my junior season it was getting late and I hadn't heard from a lot of schools or even had much interest.”
 Robert Lutz - “But autoloaders are aimed at the server level, not the desktop level, so there should be stronger interest among VARs and system integrators.”
 Bob Lutz - “While I was at Chrysler, he has never expressed an interest in looking at the cars,”

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