My Favorite Quotes
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 Troy Lyndon - “There is a significant market for inspirational entertainment. It can be seen in the crossover success of Christian music, The Passion of the Christ and the Left Behind Novel Series. The key to long-term success in this market is making AAA titles that rival the quality of best selling games out today. Our goal is to create enduring games that connect with people where they live and touch them with emotional, memorable and moving experiences.”
 Troy Lyndon - “From day one, Left Behind Games has been dedicated to AAA quality. After more than 3 years of development by more than 50 developers in 4 countries, our first game has tremendous appeal to both hardcore gamers and fans of the popular novel series. In the coming days, we will release our first-looks of this tremendous game that has it all great graphics, strategy, depth and meaningful messages worthwhile of fascinating coffee table discussions.”
 Troy Lyndon - “Our game has no blood, no decapitation, no vulgar language.”