My Favorite Quotes
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 John McGlynn - “He's one for the future and not likely to put any immediate pressure on Craig Gordon and Steve Banks yet.”
 Michael Lynn - “I think I did the right thing. It was pretty scary, but the real important message was that there was a potential or serious problem coming in the future. It wasn't too late to fix it, but you had to take it seriously.”
 Brian Flynn - “We have two play-off games with Estonia in May and there will have to be a big improvement before then. This was not good enough.”
 Becky Flynn - “That was a tough one. Our record doesn't show how well we've played. We have to learn how to win these games. We've had it in spurts, but it doesn't seem like we've had it when we've needed it.”
 John Flynn - “I heard that Keith in 1969 was doing heroin, ... So after the show in 1969 at the Boston Garden, I went out and found some.”
 Stephen Flynn - “It may well be a first-generation European, people with visa-exempt passports, with advanced degrees and no record of criminality, who just arrives as a tourist.”
 Medea McGlynn - “Her room is ready. Since we weren't sure if it was going to be a boy or girl, we tried to keep things unisex.”
 Medea McGlynn - “One girl and one boy - it would be nice.”
 James McGlynn - “All I hear about is the AOL service -- give me a break. That's 20 percent of the company's revenue and it's 100 percent of the story.”
 Phil Flynn - “If prices jump another 5, I think it will give the Saudis a stronger hand, but continued weakness will give OPEC hawks more power,”
 Phil Flynn - “If prices jump another 5, I think it will give the Saudis a stronger hand, but continued weakness will give OPEC hawks more power.”
 Kara Lynn - “We just wanted to give it everything we had. It's an emotional up and down. We swam so well. Arizona just pulled one off.”
 Michael Flynn - “She's only 90 per cent, maybe a little less, but she will give 110 per cent - she is as ready as we can get her.”
 Michael Lynn - “The vulnerability which I demonstrated -- but didn't give any information about -- was properly disclosed to Cisco months in advance,”
 Phil Flynn - “We seemed to see some flight-to-quality buying in the bonds and gold, which seems to indicate traders' uneasiness with the (Iran) situation.”
 David Lynn - “I do like getting bitten by a few things. I finished fourth that week. It takes my mind off the golf.”
 Phil Flynn - “Refineries are squeezing out every gallon of gasoline possible, and theyre doing a good job of it. The problem is, its coming at the expense of the other products like heating oil.”
 Allie Flynn - “I've stayed almost every summer, and most of the girls in my class do too. There's usually a good chunk of the team here during the summer.”
 Phil Flynn - “These are very strong numbers. This is very good for the stock market. We saw it rally. It looks like it will continue to do so.”
 Phil Flynn - “There is a lot of incompetence in the government and in the oil companies. There is a clashing of heads.”
 Stephen Flynn - “It seems like a very basic concept but we can't get any traction on it with the U.S. government.”
 Barry Lynn - “Some religious organizations are openly using the hurricane relief efforts to win new converts. If these groups can't separate their evangelism from their relief work, they should not be eligible for public funding. People displaced by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita should not be subjected to unwanted, high-pressure religious coercion as the price of getting help from their own government.”
 Austin Flynn - “He hit me square in the head. I remember everything about the game until that point. The next thing I could remember, I was holding hands up in the locker room saying the prayer.”
 Phil Flynn - “Of course doing nothing must be bullish as oil continues to head higher.”
 Stephen Flynn - “We're not building the means to respond well. And when we have that next terrorist incident, there will be hell to pay, because the American people will be in disbelief about how little has been done.”

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