My Favorite Quotes
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 Chris Lynne - “Mike lost at 133, but on the other hand, we won two overtime matches (Sean Pearson and 152 and Alex Pearson at 171), and Danny Williams (13-0) wins with 10 seconds left (at 189). They won eight bouts, and we won six.”
 Shelby Lynne - “I like to make great albums.”
 Shelby Lynne - “I like rules that are broken.”
 Shelby Lynne - “All I do is party.”
 Shelby Lynne - “Has the album touched people So far, they seem to dig it, ... I made this record for me, and I figured if I made this one for me, people would relate to the honesty.”
 Chris Lynne - “Somebody like Andrew Goldberg might miss out, but we'll have to work it out. It will definitely give me a lot of flexibility.”
 Shelby Lynne - “Al Green, Elvis, Patsy Cline -- you know, the stuff that doesn't go away, the kind of records I hope to make one day.”
 Shelby Lynne - “WDET Live Vol. 4”
 Shelby Lynne - “But the song isn't a tribute to Johnny Cash's musical talent. I was influenced by Johnny as an individual, ... He wasn't a staple in my musical existence. It was his awesome personality.”
 Shelby Lynne - “cool to let me do what is my passion.”
 Shelby Lynne - “Thirteen years and six albums to get here, ... I'd like to thank my parents for always stressing, be an individual. And I stand here tonight and represent nothing but music.”
 Chris Lynne - “He couldn't have asked for much more from his body. He did the best he could.”
 Shelby Lynne - “a guy who's playing for the beauty of the song, not his own ego. These are incredible players.”
 Chris Lynne - “Danny is looking forward to the districts (District 17) and region (Region 5) tournaments. I was joking with him about waiting until there was 15 seconds left in the match to go ahead.”
 Shelby Lynne - “That's what I so admired about Johnny Cash and June Carter. Their music wasn't a big influence on me. It was their character, their individual styles, what they were like as people. They weren't afraid to stick out.”