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 Michael Lyons - “Things seem to want to quiet down at this point. We have had a heck of a run the past two weeks with very strong gains. It is only to be expected to ease off a little.”
 Bob Lyons - “We decided to run a girl and double-team (Michelson) and get the ball out of her hands. It kind of got them off their heels and we got some kids from Marshall to shoot the ball that they probably didn't want to have shoot it.”
 Yvonne Lyons - “It probably hasn't attracted as many people from the outside as it has encouraged people to stay there, which was half the battle. Once you get used to the money, it's hard to give up.”
 Chris Lyons - “Consumers have to be given a good reason to buy a product. Certainly, knowing or having a sense of what it smells like can help that.”
 Bob Lyons - “He's just a good runner. I don't know what else to say. It was no different, just another track.”
 Tim Lyons - “Our inventory is in good shape and we're not in a situation where we're carrying more goods than we planned for. But that said, we still have plenty of stuff going into the holidays and we will have to sell it.”
 Don Lyons - “This was a very good Harlan team we beat tonight. The game was billed as two of the best teams in western Iowa, and nobody went home disappointed.”
 Rich Lyons - “We're still not playing as smart as I would like them too. This was a good bounce back game.”
 Don Lyons - “It's nice to seem them rewarded for all of their hard work. They're both good kids and the type of kids that I feel like I can call them my own. I couldn't be more proud of both of them. Again, it's a tremendous honor and very deserving for both girls.”
 Tom Lyons - “Sales figures for 2005 looked good across the board, better than UBS expectations. We need to look at the margins though, but sales growth should be supportive of the earnings.”
 Jeff Lyons - “Customers really liked the idea of getting in on the ground floor of a new fund, especially funds that are managed by companies that have strong track records and good brands.”
 Kevin Lyons - “The slices are thin, and the sauce is delicious. It is a very good place for lunch.”
 Lisa Lyons - “A lot of people's rage came out ... he was being ganged up on inside in there. We were just filled with so much grief when we entered that room.”
 Jeff Lyons - “Most importantly, we managed our growth while still maintaining our high levels of customer service and satisfaction.”
 Don Lyons - “We made three or four key stops and hit a couple of big baskets and the momentum swung our way. In the last three or four minutes, everybody had a big hand in it.”
 Lisa Lyons - “Things were getting out of hand in there. People were starting to get all haywire.”
 Eric Lyons - “You suddenly realize the car is not big enough, the house is not big enough -- nothing is big enough. But it will be all right.”
 Don Lyons - “Clausen and Swanson are both examples of how much hard work pays off. Individual success stems from team success and they've been part of some very successful teams at Denison.”
 David Lyons - “This is what we've been kind of expecting. We knew that the industry would turn around it has taken longer than many of us expected.”
 David Lyons - “We're seeing the industry turn around.”
 Steve Lyons - “Ford Mustang is the hottest car in the industry, and its performance on the street and in the showrooms is beating everyone's expectations,”
 Steve Lyons - “Ford Mustang is the hottest car in the industry, and its performance on the street and in the showrooms is beating everyone's expectations.”
 Susanne Lyons - “It's very emotional, the kind of human-interest piece that can really engage people.”
 Jeff Lyons - “We had the judgment before they did the seizure.”
 Katheryn Lyons - “This late in the state tournament, everybody is good. Thomasville has a similar style to us.”

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