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 James Lyons - “Some of the fires in Idaho and Montana are affecting wildlife habitat and salmon habitat in places we're trying to restore salmon runs, ... So the fire is working against us, and we're going to have a lot of work after the fires are out to try and rehabilitate these areas and try to reduce the risk of more resource damage.”
 Emily Lyons - “We are thankful that he has been caught, thankful to the police and the FBI and the ATF and the media that has kept his picture and his name out there,”
 John Lyons - “Timing is everything. We can go back to it next year once we get past whats going to be a brutal budget fight.”
 Bill Lyons - “E-mail management is a key factor in compliance and corporate governance procedures, and a potential landmine in legal discovery initiatives. That's why it shouldn't be seen as a secondary function with niche technology, but as a core component of records compliance management.”
 Jeff Lyons - “He has had some discipline problems.”
 Charles Lyons - “Adding racial accusation to the standing difficulty does not serve one victim, feed a single child, inspire a single person,”
 Denise Lyons - “I never have had to change the team's decision on who the captain is. The team's captain decision has always been someone who I would choose myself.”
 John Lyons - “From the committee's standpoint, we are excited about going to Seattle. The Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center is first rate and world class, and we were unanimous about our decision. It has been a long time since we have been to the West Coast.”
 Michelle Lyons - “Housing the death row population is different than housing any of the other prison populations. We are conscious that we are dealing with a population that really doesn't have anything to lose, so our security measures are pretty stringent.”
 Kevin Lyons - “I believe that he is wiping his muddy shoes on the face of victims, using them as the doormat as he leaves his office, ... It says much more about George Ryan than it does about the death penalty.”
 Michelle Lyons - “Yes, it can happen if the offender's sexual crime was not against a child.”
 Brad Lyons - “I want to pay credit to them because they brought it to us. We loved it pretty much straight away and we thought it was funny. That was what stood out for us.”
 Eric Lyons - “Kim is like having another coach. She had a lot of experience with great coaches in high school. She has a great work ethic and does a lot on her own. All of the credit goes to her.”
 Don Lyons - “On the court, both were versatile enough to play inside and outside. They were outstanding defensive players as well. That's only going to continue at Northern Iowa.”
 Don Lyons - “That was a factor. Obviously, we couldn't full-court press. They didn't go to their bench much, so we didn't go to our bench much. We played the hand that was dealt us.”
 Kevin Lyons - “Everybody has had not their day in court, they've had their years in court, ... It's shameful that the victims of this state, in fact, have to not fear the courts, not the defense lawyers, not the defendants, but they have to fear their very own governor.”
 Barbara Lyons - “The high Court has a unique opportunity to deal a serious blow to the practice of assisted suicide not only in Oregon, but in any other state which pursues this route,”
 Michelle Lyons - “We're watching the situation, but there has not yet been any court ruling that has impacted Texas.”
 Rich Lyons - “We attacked (the full-court press) pretty well, but we just weren't getting back defensively in transition. This is the first team we've played that had this kind of speed.”
 Mary Lyons - “We thank that country very much, and their leaders.”
 Mary Lyons - “Like the rest of the country, we have watched in complete disbelief the devastating reports of death and destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina,”
 Tim Lyons - “The stores that are in the process of closing are scattered all over the country and they're our lower-performing stores.”
 Jim Lyons - “We are striving to better meet our customers needs. Our research team is focused on designing a new wind turbine that will not only be one of the most powerful in the world, but sets new standards in efficiency, reliability, and cost of energy as well.”
 John Lyons - “Its going to require patience and cooperation of everyone to find a solution,”
 Rich Lyons - “I thought in the second half we were able to control (Darrell) Saunders and (Jon) Wilson both. We got on the boards a lot better in the second half, and valued the possessions a lot better than we did in the first half.”

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