My Favorite Quotes
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 Evan Lysacek - “We see her as this almost goddess-like super human. I'm very sad for her.”
 Evan Lysacek - “I can land almost everything, ... I thought I do a good performance.”
 Evan Lysacek - “I could have sold it more, but I was trying to pace myself and take one thing at a time. Every few seconds I would think facial expression or choreography and I'd do something expression, but then I'd go back into my little zone. At the end I felt like I didn't remember. I wasn't sure if it had happened yet.”
 Evan Lysacek - “I didn't know exactly what it meant. At the time I was doing the Junior Olympics I thought, Well, I won that, how hard can it be to do this other Olympics It's just another step.”
 Evan Lysacek - “I got the wind knocked out of me badly so it took about half way through before I got my wind back, and I fell on my leg so it kind of went numb on me. But it was enough. That's what today is about.”
 Evan Lysacek - “We've always had great depth in our men. Certainly we have it this year. And what I think is so wonderful about the top four is that each one has a completely different style.”
 Evan Lysacek - “They kind of skipped over her, but she proved them wrong. I hope she can keep it up.”
 Evan Lysacek - “I think when I was about 14 or 15 I decided, I think I'm going to go to the Olympics. So for about the last five years I've been thinking about it every day. Every single day.”
 Evan Lysacek - “That's the first element I have missed all season in the short program. Obviously, a very uncharacteristic mistake.”
 Evan Lysacek - “I'm here trying to gauge my music and the ice and get into the season. Last season, we had the same plan, to build up slowly. This year, I just hope for better results at the end of the year.”
 Evan Lysacek - “Obviously, this year there are some expectations on me to perform, but this is only my third Grand Prix of my life.”
 Tanya Lysacek - “Our main role is to be supportive caregivers and parents.”
 Evan Lysacek - “It's hard because I dreamed about the Olympics for upwards of a decade. And that dream didn't include getting sick with a stomach flu, getting stuck with IVs, having my veins collapse and falling in the short program. It became about something different ... courage.”
 Evan Lysacek - “After the pairs short program (Saturday), I have adrenaline. I came back like I had just arrived and I'm in competition mode. I've had four clean run-throughs in the last four days.”
 Tanya Lysacek - “We feel lucky Naperville has been such a supportive community. It's just so great to be part of a community that has been so supportive and caring. (Evan) thinks it's great, and we think it's great.”
 Evan Lysacek - “I've been strangely calm this whole week. It just hit me five minutes before what was on the line. It's not even how you did, it's just that you got through it well enough to make the team.”
 Evan Lysacek - “I thought I stayed with the program and with the character, and the audience was great, ... Grease.”
 Evan Lysacek - “I know that I have tons of work ahead of me. But it's work that I've been waiting my entire life to do.”
 Evan Lysacek - “The Olympics has been a life-long dream. I know that I have a ton of work ahead of me, but it is work I have been waiting my entire life to do.”
 Evan Lysacek - “I am so excited to come in second in the competition, but if just one of those minor mistakes that I made would have not been there, it would have made up that less than one point to first. I am so honored the Olympics has been a life-long dream. I know that I have a ton of work ahead of me, but it is work I have been waiting my entire life to do.”